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  • April, 1952 - Desert, California, United States

    We were living in an old Nash Rambler out in a desert some where! My mother started to scream over and over, our step dad tried to shut her up. They came to the car and took us to a glowing yellow fog and we woke up the next day hot and back in the car!

  • September, 27, 1990 - Coventry, United Kingdom

    Unidentified triangular object encountered at rooftop level. I have reported this sighting previously on other sites and have recently felt compelled to recall my encounter again on here after reading so many similar accounts which may help other people come to terms with their similar events.

  • November, 23, 2013 - Bellary, Karnataka, India

    I myself and 2 others traveling in a car outskirts of Bellary, in India. I noticed an object very far in the sky like a comet. I pulled out my mobile and started shooting it. However since the car moving fast I kept the mobile inside. But within No seconds, that object came near to us and was above our Car.

  • 19/10/2014 & 21/11/2014 - Leeds, United Kingdom

    After security light activated, investigated potential burglary to find 2 men in grey suits. Same 2 men appeared at place of work nearly a momth later.

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