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Abduction and underwater excursion of Filberto Cardenas

Source: Richard H. Hall (Credit: WaterUFO.net)
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Summary: Summary of case by Richard Hall


Abduction case by Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo

Condensed summary by Richard H. Hall

Filiberto Cardenas of Hialeah, Florida, was a gift shop owner, and later owned an automobile service center. He was married with children. After his abduction experience, he sold his business to devote full time to what he concluded was the mission assigned to him by alien beings to communicate important truths to the world.

.......His UFO-related experiences began on January 3, 1979, investigated by Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo, an attorney, and other professional people starting the next day (January 4).


About 6:00 p.m. On January 3, 1979, Cardenas (then 46 years old), was driving along U.S. Route 27 with three members of another family (the Martis) in his 1970 Chevrolet station wagon when his car developed electrical problems. The lights went out and the engine stalled. The starter did not induce any electric current. When they raised the hood of the car to inspect the engine, they were enveloped in multi-colored lights and heard a strong buzzing sound like “thousands of bees.” Cardenas felt paralyzed, and could hear the women in the car screaming. He found himself suspended in the air and rising. When he was about 10 feet above the car, everything went dark and he had no memory of what happened next.

When consciousness returned he was on his hands and knees and saw bright lights rushing toward him, then the screech of brakes. He was helped off the road, which proved to be 16 miles away from where his car had stalled. Police were called and picked him up at about 8:15 p.m. His friends had observed him being lifted up a bluish-white beam of light and disappearing.

Fernando Marti, a friend who had been driving the car when it stalled, had seen the multi-colored lights reflecting off the engine and Cardenas' feet as he ascended into the air. He felt weightless, and grabbed onto the engine to avoid being lifted. After the bright lights dimmed and the weightless effect diminished, Marti looked up and saw Cardenas rising higher into the air and shouting, “Let me go! Let me go!” He then disappeared into a dark elliptical object which flew away to the west.

Marti got back into the car and tried the starter again; this time the engine started but ran very roughly. Gradually the engine smoothed out and they drove to the nearest facility, where they called the police and reported Cardenas' disappearance.

When Cardenas finally was found the police notified Mrs. Cardenas, who immediately took Filiberto to a clinic for treatment of lesions, skin abrasions, and systemic dysfunctions. Someone suggested that he be examined for effects of radiation, and he was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami early on the morning of January 4. He complained of pain in both knees and out-of-focus vision and was medically examined, including X-rays. The hospital lacked facilities for radiation testing, so an Air Force technician from Homestead Air Force Base was called in to examine him for radiation effects. The test results were negative and he was released from the hospital.

Later Cardenas had a variety of odd symptoms primarily including eye irritation and sensitivity, excessive thirst, profuse sweating, a sulfurous body odor, hot and cold flashes, and memory lapses. At one point his urine was a dark yellow-brown color.

A local hypnotherapist who had no personal opinion on UFOs was retained to regress him and help restore his lost memory. Cardenas was not fluent in English, so the regressions were conducted in Spanish, the first on January 27. Under hypnosis an elaborate story

emerged of his being captured by three human-like alien entities who wore tight-fitting bluish-white one-piece clothing. One of the beings appeared robot-like. Another being placed a helmet-like device on Cardenas' head, and experimented with various languages to communicate with him.

After a while he was taken to another place and met another being wearing a cape and seated on a high throne-like chair. This being appeared to be the “chief,” and he communicated with Cardenas both vocally in perfect Spanish and telepathically. Eventually he was taken to an unfamiliar beach, narrow and sandy, and saw gray ocean water and red-brown-purple rocks rising steeply away from the beach. As the alien craft hovered at ground level, the beings opened a concealed entryway into the rocks, revealing a tunnel or cavern. More craft emerged and they all flew out over the ocean, abruptly tilting down and descending into the water. Cardenas remembered seeing ocean water rushing past a window, but it didn't seem to be touching the window itself.

One of the beings communicated with Cardenas in Spanish, giving him a confusing array of neoreligious and sociopolitical “messages,” including predictions of future catastrophes, predicted deaths of famous people, a cancer cure, and future political developments and wars. When questioned closely about details, Cardenas often refused to answer, saying that he had been forbidden to say more.

Afterwards Cardenas could hear the aliens' voices in his head and continued to receive “messages” remotely. He later received permission to bring his wife, Iris, along to a new meeting at the same location as the first encounter. About 3:00 p.m. On February 21, 1979, he and his wife were both taken aboard a mushroom-shaped craft, and returned early the following morning. Both remained fully conscious and alert throughout, and were able to remember the whole experience without hypnotic regression. He described 4-foot-tall alien beings with blue-white one piece suits that had a serpent-like emblem on the right chest and details of the onboard equipment and environment.

The beings spoke telepathically to the Cardenas, giving contactee-like messages of universal love. During the original abduction they had implanted two very small devices in Cardenas' head, one behind each ear, that allowed them to transmit 3-D images and messages.


Cardenas describes being taken to a beach and flown into the ocean, beneath the surface and into what appears to be a tunnel1. The walls of the tunnel are translucent and like solidified water. The water does not appear to touch the surface of the craft, but is separated from the craft by an “airspace.”

Panoramic scenes of earth are shown to him on a wall on television-like screens. He sees images of a ship, an airplane, a mountain. The scenes include some from Communist China where, he is told, something good for the world is going to happen soon. That the aliens are in control of the Chinese people. He is shown an obelisk with a “tomb” beneath it containing “controls.”

Various tests or experiments are conducted on him, and he is moved from place to place in a sequence that is not clear because of fragmentary memory recall. Part of the time he is held in place in a “chair.” At times Cardenas feels that he is “not on earth” but apparently somewhere in space. He is led to believe that he is being tested as a messenger, one of many others being groomed by the aliens to communicate important information to the populace about events that are going to happen in the future. As an example, he is told that great portions of land and complete cities are going to disappear within a short period of time, becoming oceans or lakes. The aliens hope to prevent some of these disasters and save millions of people.

At one point he is taken to a new location and seated on a rock or slab. He is welcomed by a being who identifies himself as an earth person who has been working with the aliens for a long time. He is taken to another city-like place and forced onto a table where he is immobilized, nude. At this point he becomes highly agitated during hypnosis, and says his current escort is going to explain to him all the things they are doing to him. He is shown some technical devices in a somewhat threatening way, as if intended to induce fear.

Another being appears and passes an apparatus over him as if conducting tests. The beings give the impression of being disguised; they have hair that looks fake and other doll-like features. Mechanical devices emerge from the walls and perform tests on him. Lights are shone into his eyes, ears, and along his body. Then they extract a semen sample. He displays anger and impatience to know when all this is going to end.

Visual images are then shown to him on TV-like monitors on the wall. One of the images is of three pyramids connected by light, described as “controls that we have here in the Earth.” He is told that they currently are in the pyramid in the Pacific Ocean; the others are in the Atlantic Ocean and one “deep in the earth.” Various other confusing encounters and events are reported, until he is returned to earth.

When asked by the hypnotist to identify the most important thing that he has been told, he talks about a failed conference of three parties that is interpreted as the U.S.-mediated talks between Israel and the Arabs, which he is told will lead to a great war.

[Chapter 6 reports the experience of Cardenas' wife on February 19, 1979, and Chapter 7 reports the second abduction, which are not summarized here.] [END]

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