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Valensole, France Maurice Masse

Source: Andy Page / WWW Ufologists Page
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Summary: A brief overview of the Valensole (Maurice Masse) close encounter case.

Maurice Masse a farmer living in Valensole France was having problems with his lavender crop. Over a period of several weeks he would find several bare patches in the crops which he could not account for.

Then in July 1965 at 6.00am, he noticed what he thought were two boys playing in the field. He thought that he had found the culprits who had been destroying his lavender crops.

He then made out the shape of a strange 'helicopter' that the boys were moving towards. As Maurice slowly moved closer to the boys he realised that they were not boys at all, in fact they were not even human!.

He described them as very strange looking beings, with large bald heads, pasty faces, and huge slanted eyes. He also stated that they wore one-piece coveralls, and one had a tube-like instrument by his side.

As he moved closer to the beings he was 'shot' by the tube like device which shot a ray of light out at him. He lay on the ground unable to move for several minutes. When he was able to move again he saw the craft disappear vertically at a tremendous speed.

He was later shown a picture of the craft that Lonnie Zamora had described at Socorro, New Mexico and he was reported to of said 'Someone else has seen my UFO'.

Maurice was unable ever to grow crops on the site where the UFO landed.

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