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The Maurice Masse Encounter

Source: Truth Seekers Midlands
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Summary: A short description of the Maurice Masse close encounter case.

In 1965 on July 1st at Valensole, France, 41 year old Lavender Farmer Maurice Masse set out for work as usual in the early hours of this particular morning on his tractor to the Lavender Farm. Suddenly Mr Masse heard a whistling sound, thinking it could have been a helicopter behind some very large rocks. As he walked around the rocks to investigate he saw a rugby ball shaped craft among the lavender bushes.

Monseuir Masse said " it stood on six legs like an enourmous spider ", two figures were beside the craft and Monseiur Masse thought it was young vandals but got closer to investigate. He saw that they were not young vandals as he had thought, but two creatures who were about 4 feet tall with pale looking skin, and had oval shaped eyes, they also had green suits on. One of them pointed a small rod from his belt. Masse found that his whole body froze and was unable to move. The pair of creatures returned to their craft and the whistling noise started again, while the legs of the craft began to rotate and the craft then shot up into the air. Afterwards when Masse`s body returned to normal, several markings could be seen from where the alledgedly craft had been. Also the vegetation quickly died off. Monseuir Masse did not experience a Hypnagogic / Hypnopomic state because that doesn`t explain the physical effects afterwards

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