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Bob Taylor Encounter

Source: E2WUFOS


Summary: Summary of the Bob Taylor encounter in Livingston, Scotland.

On the ninth of November 1979 a forester named Robert Taylor had an encounter with the UFO in Livingston, Scotland. He had left his house at 10 AM and driven to a plantation near the M8 motorway for an inspection. He parked as close as he could to the clearing that was to be inspected and followed a track the rest of the way. As he rounded a corner he came face-to-face with the UFO.

The object was grey in colour and approximately 20 feet wide and 12 feet high. There was a protruding rim just below halfway down the object which reminded Taylor of the brim of a hat. Some dark patches were seen on the body of the object which looked like portholes. At times the object became semi transparent as if trying to disguise itself.

Two small spheres with protruding spikes (not unlike sea mines) rushed towards Taylor from the direction of the object. These smaller objects were approximately two feet across. They seized Taylor by the legs, tearing his trousers in the process, and dragged him towards the large object. At this point Taylor recalls a choking smell and then lost consciousness.

Upon regaining consciousness he heard a swishing sound and realised that the UFOs had gone. His dog was barking wildly at him and he realised that he couldn't walk or even talk properly. He managed to get back to his truck that got it stuck in the mud and consequently had to walk over a mile back to his home. He suffered a headache for hours and a raging thirst which lasted for two days.

Marks were found on the ground in the clearing to correspond with the mine like objects that Taylor described.

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