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Investigation of Evald Maarup's sightings

Source: UFOs at Close Sight - Ufologie.net


Summary: Information about the events following Maarup's experiences.


Maarup did not want the first observation to be known by the press. He told his colleagues not to say a word. But the day after the observation, the journalist Bent Zachariassen of the newspaper Jydske Tidende went to the police station for his routine visit, hoping to get some information for the newspaper. When the journalist was about to leave, Maarup's brother couldn't resist to call him back, shouting "Sure, there is some news, as a matter of fact Maarup saw a flying saucer!"

This is how the sighting became publicly know. It made the news in Jydske Tidende, then in Tv-Aktuelt, other magazines, Denmark radio and TV news, German TV. Maarup found that funny at the beginning, but he found out that he was often ridiculed, so he gave the pictures. The story became worldwide, even an newspaper of Ghana told the story. And although Maarup has been very careful not to use the words UFO or flying saucers at any time, headlines did headline on UFO and flying saucer.

Hassled by the press, mocked in the media, he said that he understood how only the fact that he was a police officer made the story interesting, that he would not have considered that anyone could believe the story at all if he didn't wear a uniform, and that he regretted to have spoken about it at all.

Maarup, following his official report at the police station, was sent to a psychiatrist, who did not find any reason to consider him mentally disturbed. When several newspapers of Denmark and other countries published articles presenting him as a crackpot and a liar, all his colleagues Maarup protested, explaining that they know Maarup well and that it is a shame to calumniate him, and that they are all sure that what he told is the truth.

The official investigation of his first encounter was lead by major Helden of the tactical command of the Danish Air Forces. The silliest explanation ever was then issued: the conclusion was that Maarup had witnessed the landing of a T-33 jet fighter/trainer.

Maarup's report came to the attention of Erling Jensen, who lead the Danish ufology association S.U.F.O.I, and the case became further known through his mail exchanges with people from the French GEPA, a civilian ufology group - but whose members were often from the military - a sort of French equivalent of the American NICAP in these years.

There were no "hard evidence" for the claims of officer Maarup. The photographs are only photographs, the car naturally cooled down to normal temperature, and he did not suffer any particular after-effect. There were no other witnesses.

After the official explanation for his 1970 sighting was published, Maarup was further ridiculed in the Press. When his second sighting occurred, having had his lesson on the consequences of exposing oneself as UFO witness, so he chose not to make any formal report. He told ufologists, however: "I cannot doubt what I saw. But why at exactly the same time? Why not any other day of the year? Why was it exactly the same craft?"

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