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Aarno Heinonen's 1972 contacts with extraterrestrial being

Source: Albert Rosales, Humanoid Sightings Database
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Summary: Summary descriptions of the series of contacts that Heinonen experienced two years after the initial encounter at Imjarvi. On several occasions in 1972, Heinonen met an 'extremely beautiful' spacewoman who communicated with him. The other original Imjarvi witness, Esko Viljo, was also involved in one of the encounters.

Below are brief summaries of the several contacts experienced by Heinonen in 1972:

Location. Imjarvi Finland
Date: May 5 1972
Time: 2215
Aarno Heinonen was at home when he heard a strange noise, and then a female voice that told him to go alone to a certain crossroads. He did so, and encountered there a "humanoid girl" 4 ft 8" tall with blond hair, wearing a yellow pantsuit that seemed to glow, and silver colored shoes. She carried by a handle a silvery ball on which was 3 antennas like projections. She told him that her people had come from "the other side of the Milky Way" and that 3 different kinds of humanoids, ranging from very small to very tall, had visited Imjarvi. She also told him that she was 180 years old, and instructed him not to mention the contact to anyone else. Heinonen previously had a close encounter in January 1970.

Humcat 1972-11
Source: UFO Research Center of Finland & Joe Brill
Type: E


Location. Imjarvi Finland
Date: June 18 1972
Time: night
Aarno Heinonen again heard a female voice directing him to another road crossing. At the site he had a 5-minute conversation with the same female entity encountered on May 5, who spoke very fast and walked without bending her knees. He could see that her teeth were twice as wide as those of a normal human being. Her nose was sharp, but she had big blue eyes and was beautiful. As before, she wore a 2-piece pants suit and carried a ball with 3 antennas. She left by "gliding backward" and disappearing. As he neared home afterwards, he saw a "ship at a 300 foot altitude, silvery, and without lights or windows; it was 20 feet wide in diameter." Duration of the incident was 5 minutes.

Humcat 1972-14
Source: UFO Research Center of Finland
Type: C


Location. Imjarvi Finland
Date: June 25 1972
Time: 1940
The two witnesses who had been previously involved in several other UFO and humanoid encounters where in the kitchen of one of their houses when a short figure suddenly appeared from behind the oven. The figure took a couple of steps and stood in the middle of the floor. The figure was humanoid and wore a gray suit with white stripes. It was impossible to see any facial features. The figure then took two steps back into the shadows and vanished. Sometime later the witnesses heard two loud thuds, and a wave pattern type light lighted up the whole house. The witnesses searched the house but found nothing.

HC addition # 865
Source: Anders Liljegren, FSR Vol. 26 # 3
Type: E


Location. Imjarvi Finland
Date: September 4 1972
Time: 1845
The third of Aarno Heinonen's 1972 "contacts" occurred while he was riding his motor scooter on the Voikoski Road. He saw a small spherical cloud passing over, which then descended and stopped about 8 feet above the ground. From this "cloud" descended the same "space girl," this time wearing a grown pants suit. She said, "Don't be afraid, I'm your friend from another planet." The woman had brown shoes and wore thin gloves. When she left she smile "in a beautiful way," then pulled on one of the antennas on the small sphere, Heinonen felt a "whirlwind," and the girl glide up into the globular cloud, which then ascended vertically very fast.

Humcat 1972-24
Source: A Heinonen, Ufoika Nov. 1972
Type: B


Location. Imjarvi Finland
Date: December 10 1972
Time: 1730 & 1930
Aarno Heinonen was walking through a wooded area on his way to visit a neighbor when he spotted a hovering object with a bright red dome on top. The object appeared to land among some nearby birch trees. The frightened witness ran to his neighbor's house. Two hours later while walking back home he encountered a very strong wind at the same spot where he first saw the object. The wind became stronger and the witness sees a female humanoid dressed in shiny yellow clothing approaching from some nearby trees. The being seemed to float over the ground as a bright beam of light shoots out of her shoes. She tells the witness not to be afraid. During this incident the witness is given a peculiar egg shaped stone.

HC addition # 859
Source: Anders Liljegren, FSR Vol. 26 # 5
Type: C

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