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Summary of Sighting from original SATCU file report

Source: Original SATCU file report (Credit: Mark Cashman, TemporalDoorway.com)



"...Mrs. Frederick Moreland went out [in] the morning to milk the cows...crossing the paddock [she] suddenly noticed a bright green light among the clouds; it caught her attention because there was no moon... she saw two green lights rapidly descending. 'I noticed that I was bathed in a green light and the paddock was green, too... A saucer-shaped glow with two indented green lights in the bottom descended.. Two rows of jets around the middle shot out orange colored flames... the jets stopped, and a light was switched on in what appeared to be a perspex or glass roof or dome, which glowed... There were two men in it, dressed in fairly close fitting suits of shiny material... after a minute or two, the jets started off again, and... the thing shot up vertically at great speed and disappeared into the clouds.[footnote 1]

"... she noticed an unusual green glow, emanating from the cloud above and bathing the area in a ghastly light... Then, suddenly, two green lights "like eyes" appeared through the clouds, circled by a band of orange lights. All around her the ground was illuminated by the sickly green light... she too was bathed in this green glow... She saw a flattish cylindrical object slowly descending from about 50 ft above the ground. It stopped its smooth descent some 30 feet above the ground and hovered about 15 feet above a group of peach trees (10-15 feet high)... it was between 7.5-8 feet high and 20-25 feet across. There were two circumferential rows of orange-green "jets" set into bands at the top and the bottom of the main body... the jets were a brilliant orange color, with greenish centers, and faded to the outside, through orange to yellow. They made a faint hissing noise...

"The motionless object hovered some 30 feet above the ground, about 120 feet out in the center of the paddock...

"On stopping, the jets immediately shut off and reappeared at a slight angle. Each band of jets began to counter-rotate at high speed, the top band from right to left, and the bottom band from left to right. The speed became so great that the bands of light became continuous, "like halos"... a loud humming could be heard, and the noise of the jets hissing... There was a clear, glassy, dome-like structure on top [shaped like an F-16 cockpit crossing the top of the disc], filled with a bright white light... She could see two figures seated, one behind the other and facing the same way, a little over an arm's length apart... The two figures were dressed in almost skin-tight metallic suits which crinkled and creased with each movement and reflected the light. The man at the rear suddenly stood up and leaned forward on his hands and appeared to be observing something between himself and the figure in front, possibly the brightly flickering light source... The rear figure then sank back to his former position - the front figure remained motionless...

"The object then tilted slightly, the bands of jets went out, then back on again without the rotation. There was a loud "whoosh" of air and the object rose vertically (the body still at a slight angle) and vanished into the cloud at tremendous speed... accompanied by a high pitched [very loud] whine... A moment or two later a wave of warm air reached Mrs. Moreland and there was a strange hot pepper smell of ozone."

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