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April, 22, 1966 - Beverly, Massachusetts, United States

Nancy Modugno, age 11, saw, only forty feet away, an amazing object about the size of an automobile, brightly lit with flashing blue, green, red and white lights. The football-shaped craft made a whizzing, ricocheting sound.  View full report

Source: Massachusetts MUFON   ID: 5
Case Type: StandardCase    Features:  Children

Do UFOs Correct Calendar Watches?

March, 27, 1979 - Oak Bluffs , Massachusetts, United States

Apparently in contact with the water, was a luminous green cylinder with rounded ends at a distance estimated at about 200 feet.  View full report

Source: Joseph Nyman, Mass. MUFON Chief Investigator, Mass. MUFON   ID: 4
Case Type: StandardCase    Features:  Water-Related

Young boy struck by beam of light from UFO

December, 5, 1980 - Foxboro, Massachusetts, United States

13 year-old boy declaring he had been struck by a beam of light from a UFO that seemed to appear above him from nowhere and to hover so closely that he could estimate its size to be "bigger than a house."  View full report

Source: Joseph Nyman, Mass. MUFON Chief Investigator, Mass. MUFON and Edwin 'Ed' Fogg, Jr.   ID: 3
Case Type: StandardCase    Features:  Physiological Effects, Children

August, 19, 2003 - Council Bluffs, Indiana, United States

Looked like an airliner (but too many lights), banking then dropping down ( about 1 mile out). The bottom of the craft was only about 20'-25' above the road surface to my right and the leftmost white light (1 of 3) was just to the right of the truck cab. What I could see clearly were three brilliant white circular disc shaped lights about 4' in diameter forming an equilateral triangle about 4'-6' apart 2 leading and 1 trailing center. A single bright red circular disc of lights approximate 3' in diameter located in the center of the 3 white lights.  View full report

Source: NUFORC   ID: 2
Case Type: RawReport

May, 27, 2003 - Phoenix, Arizona, United States

cigar shaped just hovering there - pinpoint lights alongside of it enough to show that it was a cigar shaped. At the ends of the cigar shaped object there were slightly larger red lights. It never moved, made noise, it just hung in there the whole time I watched it. Then suddenly it just took off upright toward the sky so fast and but it seemed like it just disappeared as it zoomed off.  View full report

Source: NUFORC   ID: 1
Case Type: RawReport
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