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'Billy' Eduard Meier

UFO Contact from the Pleiades
by Wendelle Stevens
From the Conclusion:  Having spent 8 years on this case, 7 trips to Switzerland and 81 days on site, interviewing 29 eyewitnesses, 5 photographers, 4 recorders of the spacecraft sounds, and dozens of observers, I feel that I am as qualified as anybody in these United States to draw some conclusions from what I have learned.  Somebody not of this Earth is indeed visiting Switzerland, and those extraterrestrials were contacting Eduard "Billy" Meier living in Hinterscbmidruti.

The possibility that Eduard Meier alone, or even with confederates, could have hoaxed all the phenomena we have seen and faked the hundreds of excellent photos of the spacecraft, UFO photographs of every kind and style we have known, landing tracks of several different kinds, recorded the highly peculiar sounds of the alien ships, and the other evidence we have examined and tested to our satisfaction, is as unbelievable as the basic premis of visitation by extraterrestrial human beings itself, perhaps even moreso.

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Billy Meier Photographs

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UFO Contact from Planet Ummo

"Are there extra-terrestrial beings living among us on Earth? Events surrounding two spectacular Spanish UFO sightings suggest that this case is a fact. 
The UMMO-case is a mystery with plenty of clues along the trail. Whatever the truth, this is in every way a refreshing change from the more usual alleged encounters with people from other worlds; as the Ummites themselves explained:
We have not come to bring you a new doctrine, as prophets descending from the skies to teach a new physics or mathematics or preach a new religion, or offering you panaceas for your social or patho-psychological ills. 

Apparently, in 1950, inhabitants of the planet Ummo (14 light years away) landed on Earth. They lived among us for 55 years undetected, establishing their bases and acclimating themselves to our way of life. Then, in 1965, they started to make contact. Initially they compiled a list of 20 carefully selected individuals, most of 'them were Spanish."

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UFO Contact from Planet Iarga

From the Introduction:  "This is a true story of a UFO contact from a planet called IARGA - by the alien astronauts visiting our Earth. They say that their Sun is about 10 light years as we count time from us, and that they have been observing us for some time.....

This story was first published in Dutch by Ankh-Hermes of Deventer, Netherlands in 1969 and has gone through 11 Editions and 40,000 hardbound copies in Dutch since then. It has been published as science fiction up to now because the publisher originally felt that this story would not sell as fact. Nevertheless it is a true account of real events and we are publishing it as such, here, for the first time, together with the very extensive follow-on data as the contacts continued right up to the present time. We have investigated this case extensively over the past 4 years and conclude that the facts do in reality verify and support the story. The witness is a very well educated and highly articulate master mechanical engineer and an architectural artist as well, a rare combination ideally suited for this contact if the alien visitors wanted their information to be understood and presented with any degree of accuracy."

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George Adamski