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Crop Circles

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Crop circles celebrated twenty five years of age this year. This little known fact will come as a surprise to most people. It will also be somewhat of a revelation to many that when this phenomenon began on that fateful night in Warminster, England, it was in very modest terms in the form of a simple, elegant circle of pressed wheat some 30 ft in diameter. Two and a half decades and some 9000 formations later, crop circles have grown into complex mathematical fractals, in lengths up to three quarters of a mile, in area coverage as large as 36,000 square ft, and in geographic location. Crop circles- or agriglyphs- can now be found in most countries around the globe. -- Freddy Silva, History of Crop Circles, The Crop Circular

"The issue is that no man-made crop circle has satisfactorily replicated the features associated with the real phenomenon which has baffled scientists and researchers.Worldwide, some 4000 crop circles have been created by a force totally at odds with modern science. Central to the hoax angle is that a physical object is required to flatten the crop to the ground, resulting in the breaking of the plant stems.  In genuine formations the stems are not broken but bent (left), normally about an inch off the ground at the plant's first node. The plants are subjected to a short and intense burst of heat which softens the stems to drop just above the ground at 90, where they reharden into their new and very permanent position without damaging the plants. Plant biologists are baffled by this phenomenon and farmers, who know how the land ticks, are baffled by this. It is the singlemost method of identifying the real phenomenon. Research and laboratory tests suggest that microwave or ultrasound may be the only method capable of producing such an effect." -Freddie Silva, Crop Circles for Beginners - The Crop Circular



The Crop Circular
The regularly updated crop circles site of researcher/lecturer Freddy Silva, offering factual research dedicated to the appreciation and understanding of crop circles.  As crop circles proliferate across the globe, conclusive scientific evidence continues to be silenced.
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