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"One of the few austere sites on the subject."

"Your website is very impressive..."
    Tracie Austin-Peters, Executive Producer for "Let's Talk Paranormal" cable TV show

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    Jas Dhaliwal

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    Cliff Clift, MUFON International Board of Directors

"The quality and wealth of information you've presented is superb."

"I have to say your site is excellent, a fresh look at an old phenomenon..."
    Michael Bourne

"Indeed one of the most reliable sources concerning UFO's and UFO related topics. I visit these pages every week."
    Jan Blei

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    A. J. Gevaerd, leading Brazilian UFO researcher

"Would like to take this chance to congratulate you and site researchers, designers and makers for creating the most informative, unbiased and easy to use website available on the WWW regarding the UFO subject. It really is an excellent website it's so easy to use with a vast, vast library of accurate unbiased and detailed information. Well done."
    Gary O'Conner

"I just discovered your website and have found it to be very interesting. I appreciate the professional manner in which it's been put together."
    Preston Dennett, UFO Researcher, author

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    James Neff, Rense.com webmaster

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    Ramona L.West Ph.D.

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    Eugene Myers

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    Jim Gray

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    Dan Schultz, UK

"Your website is one of the best of its kind, if not the best"

"Compendious and a great reference for UFO history, sightings, research, pictures and news. Well done and thanks."
    Paul Ryder

"Hats off to the developers of this site. By far the most extensive, and possibly the most objective of all publicly available content that I have seen."
    'Critical Believer'

"I consider your website to be the thinking man's guide to the exploration and the examination of the possibility of extra-terrestrial life."

"Wonderful, very professional, no nonsense, expertly constructed web site. It was a pleasure to visit and I will visit again."
    Kim Shaffer MUFON Tn. State Director

"You're doing a nice job. Keep up the good work."
    Darryl Barker, Producer of Illinois UFO documentary 'Edge of Reality'

"Great site! After looking at many, yours stood out like a beacon. Keep up the good work..."
    John Jeffords

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    Manolo Olague, Mexico

"I must thank you and everyone who sponsors the pages at ufoevidence.org. To find all of the information organized in one place is amazing. I hope that you can continue for many years."
    Seth Gallmeyer

"I have gone through the articles in this web site and it is really amazing. I really appreciate your work."

Giridhar B, Bangalore, India


"Your ufo site is impressive and well documented. "



"A very good site...it lends some credibility to a controversial topic."



"I'd like to take this opportunity to compliment your efforts for putting together (and maintaining) a rather informative and attractive site.  I've been a regular visitor for some time and am still overwhelmed with the wealth of information available. Simply excellent."



'I love this website'

Jakarla (mailing list)


"This is the site I have always been looking for, just good solid photo images of UFOs. As I started going through the gallery I was amazed at the clarity, and similarities of the photos, somthing that is often absent from some of the other UFO sites that are out there on the web. I also enjoyed that authentication of the images was conducted, when able. I feel this is the best resource gallery out there on this subject today… Thanks again for this great resource!"

Brian Weisner


"My compliments to your website. It is definitely one of the best UFO sites on the net."

L. Brodin, UFOArea


"I enjoyed your site and thought that the Information was presented in a most logical manner, given the subject matter… your site seems to have a pretty realistic approach to the subject."

Bob Knouse

Very nice website! This will be very helpful for myself and other experiencers.

Eliza Carroll, MUFON Oregon


Your site is awesome, so far the best I've seen on the subject.



Wow...a very comprehensive site...great pics, in depth material...truly a great place to research UFO's...keep up the good work.



The most informative web site dedicated to ufology that I have ever visited, Thanks for all the fine material.

Mr Kim Shaffer, MUFON Tn. State Director


Great job on your site! It's very well organized and presented, with very useful information.

R. Diaz


I appreciate your web site. I've been enjoying reading some of the different articles, as you do a great job of organizing the site by the different categories.

Tim Hudson


This is the best, most informative website i've found yet on this issue. This website also lets the readers get involved as well. Keep up the good work!



I commend the creators of this website for a job well done in their presentation of data and for providing it to the public without sensationalism. Many thanks.



This is probably one of the best sites on the internet on ufo information, period.

A. Perkins


This site has just been pointed out to me and I must say it is very interesting and a valuable source of research and information. Keep it up.



Thanks for a great web-site that brings together much useful material in one location.

William Wise


I am impressed with the professional presentation of a subject most often dismissed as trivial and un-important. Hats off to the editor.

John Nigara


This is a very good resource, nice design and plenty of info.



Thank you for producing a site that can actually deliver something for people to truly examine and access easily.



Thanks for the fine, informative, competent and consistent quality work your website does in the world of UFO research & information.  Kudo's to "you guys" @ UFOevidence.org... your website deserves sitting (or standing) applause!  May you "live long, and prosper"! (Feb. 19, 2004)

Hurley P. Young


I commend you on this site, it is the best site on UFO’s I have ever seen. The content is clearly laid out, very pleasing to the eye, and it doesn’t have that cheezy “new age” look that seems to be the norm. Keep up the great work!  (On website: This is by far the best UFO site on the net I've had the pleasure to browse.) (Feb. 20, 2004)

Cary McCoy


Here's hoping that you will leave this site up indefinitely, as there is a lot of real truth being given in here..  (Feb, 2005)



THANK YOU for this site and your efforts… (2/05)



I would like to confirm, that your great site is the best and most serious resource of information regarding this important topic of extraterrestrial visitation.

Marco Leinemann (Germany) (3/05)


Great site!  I'm glad to find something like this out there. It makes it easier for someone to come to their own decision on the topic. As a web developer I can see the effort behind this page!

Brad Parsons (4/05)


Your web site is impressive, and should be seen by anyone interested in the UFO phenomenon!

Mark Easter, Nevada State Director, MUFON (7/05)


This site is the very best UFO site I have ever seen. Thank you for all of your hard work in developing it.

Ken Nagele (7/05)


I'm glad that I have found some of the more substantial evidence, photographic and informational, in a nice and clean environment.

Carl (7/05)


This is a most EXCELLENT website. Keep up the good work!

Marcelo Burciaga (8/05)



anon. (9/05)


Wonderful work. Thanks for the informative, professional site!

Anastasia Wietrzychowska, State Director, Mutual UFO Network, CT (9/05)


Congratulations for your website. It's incredible, fantastic...

Javier Fiol (9/05)


Keep up the good work.

Hanford Searl Jr. (9/05)


I love this site. I have confidence in the quality of the investigation of the reports here.

Douglas Sandlin (10/05)


Your site is the most intelligent, well-designed, and thought-provoking treatment of the subject I have yet to find on the Web!  Keep up the good work!!

Paul (10/05)