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Photographic Evidence




Catalog One

UFO Photographs from around the world with date, location and descriptive information, from the 1970's.  Approx. 30 photographs.

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Analysis of a UFO Photograph
by Dr. Richard F. Haines - Journal for Scientific Exploration
This report reviews various investigative activities and analyses surrounding a photograph of a purported unidentified flying object (UFO) taken on October 8, 1981, at about 11:00 a.m. local time on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  The identity of the disc object remains unidentified.
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Photo analyses of an aerial disc over Costa Rica
by Dr. Richard F. Haines and Dr. Jacques Vallee.
An unusual image was photographically recorded by an official mapping aircraft of the Costa Rican government at 08:25 am (EDT) on September 4, 1971 while flying at 10,000 feet altitude over a body of water known as Lago de Cote. None of the flight crew or photographers saw the object.  The various analyses failed to identify the image.
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Trindade Island Photographs
by Jerome Clark, Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS)
Trindade, a small rocky island in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean 600 miles off the coast of Bahia, Brazil, was the site of one of the most impressive photographic cases in UFO history.
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The Trent Farm Photos
by Dr. Bruce Maccabee
In June 1950, four weeks after they were taken, the photos illustrated below appeared in the local newspaper in McMinnville, Oregon.  Subsequently, they appeared in Life Magazine and in many publications,devoted to UFO reports. 
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The McMinnville Photos
by Dr. Bruce Maccabee

On June 8, 1950 the local newspaper in McMinnville, Oregon (USA) published two photos of a "flying saucer" which had been taken by a farmer, Mr. Paul Trent. There was also a brief description of the sighting of the object by the farmer and his wife.
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The Drakensberg Photos
17 July 1956, ca. 4 p.m., Rosetta/Natal, South Africa
Dipl.-meteorologist Elizabeth Klarer caused an international controversy with her claim of a contact with Extraterrestrials. Her book "Beyond the Light Barrier", written more in the style of a romantic novel, caused a rather sceptical response, since Klarer claimed she became pregnant after her encounter with a tall, white-haired spaceship-pilot.
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23 May 1971 - St. Lorenzen/Styria, Austria
During his vacations in Styria, the Munich musician Rudi Nagora and his wife explored the area around St. Lorenzen. Looking for a nice landscape, they were driving around with their car to park it somewhere and go for a walk. About noon Nagora stopped at the edge of a field, in a parking bay, left the car to inspect the area, when his wife waited inside the car. In this moment his attention was drawn by a whizzling sound coming from the sky above. He looked up and saw a shining, silver disc, moving in front of the clouds in a kind of zig-zag pattern.
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December 30, 1969 - Bariloche, Argentina
Prof. Sebastian José Tarde, MD, a prominent physician and later director of the Mendoza Central Hospital, spent the year´s end with his students in Bariloche, a popular holiday ressort in the Argentinien Andes. When the group shipped on the Nahuel Huapi-Lake, the Professor shot some photos with his Leica camera.
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Billy Meier Photographs
"The possibility that Eduard Meier  alone, or even with confederates, could have hoaxed all the phenomena we have seen and faked the hundreds of excellent photos of the spacecraft, UFO photographs of every kind and style we have known, landing tracks of several different kinds, recorded the highly peculiar sounds of the alien ships, and the other evidence we have examined and tested to our satisfaction, is as unbelievable as the basic premise of visitation by extraterrestrial human beings itself, perhaps even moreso." -- Wendelle Stevens
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July 14, 1989 - Nashville Tenessee
An experienced photographer was driving in a remote area near Nashville, Tennessee on the night of July 14, 1989. He saw a light behind the trees on top of a mountain several miles away at about 9:00 PM. He stopped his car, opened the trunk, picked up two cameras, a Canon AE-1 and a Canon T-90, that
had previously been loaded with film. He started walking toward the bright light. The light came over the mountain several miles away and he started taking pictures with the cameras.  (from George Filer, MUFON)
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Gulf Breeze Sightings & Photographs
A series of UFO sightings in Gulf Breeze, Florida that have taken place since 1987, but the most concentrated period of sightings was between November 1987 and May 1988 and were centred around Ed and Frances Walters.  The Walters took a total of forty photos with various cameras over that period and all of them were evaluated by various scientists and were proved that they were not faked. 
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Carlos Diaz Case & Photographs
Thousands of eyewitnesses, radar observations, photos and films which stunned the experts and a contactee with a high degree of personal integrity the Carlos Diaz experience can indeed be called one of the most important UFO contact cases in the history of the phenomenon. For this reason, the researchers investigated it as careful as possible and waited seven years, until every aspect was put under scrutiny, before they published it. Never before so many international experts were consulted in the investigation of a UFO contact case. 
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Summer 1956, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil
A. Stizak photographed this metallic disc crossing the clear, blue sky. Note the three "white spots" on the underside in the enlargement. An analysis by ICUFON-director Col. ret. Colman VonKeviczky confirmed the authenticity of this early Brazilian UFO photo.
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1976, Amazon Area, Brazil
A Brazilian Airline pilot on a passenger flight shot this photo of a UFO over the Amazon jungle from the Cockpit of his Boeing 727.  Requesting anonymity, he sent the picture to the Brazilian UFO Magazine (editor: Prof. A.J.Gevaerd). 
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13 May 1978, 4.00 a.m., Shiraz/Tehran, Iran
The 16 years old student Iamshid Saiadipour shot this photo of a bluish UFO through the window of his parent's apartment. In this moment the object was hanging motionless over the city. The picture was published on May 18, 1978 by the newspaper "Tehran Magazine" and ended up in the files of the US Defense Intelligence Agency DIA. In 1980, the files were released under the Freedom of Information Act.
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