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Leonard H. Stringfield

Brief Biography

Leonard Stringfield was born in 1920. He was director of CRIFO (Civilian Research, Interplanetary Flying Objects) - one of the world's largest research groups during the mid-5Os and publisher of its newsletter, ORBIT (1953-1957). He also worked in cooperation with the United States Air Force (1953-1957), investigating and reporting UFO activity, having been assigned a special code number to report by phone to the Air Defense Command in Columbus, Ohio. For over 30 years Stringfield served in several of the major UFO Organizations in a public relations capacity. From 1957 to 1970, he was public relations adviser with the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. Later on it was director of public relations and board member of the Mutual UFO Network. He was also regional investigator for the Center for UFO Studies directed by Dr. J. Allen Hynek. Stringfield was an executive with DuBois Chemicals, an international manufacturer. Stringfield retired in 1981 as Director of Public Relations and Marketing Services for DuBois Chemicals, a division of Chemed, Corp, after 31 years service with the company. From 1967-1968 he served as an Early Warning Coordinator for the University of Colarado UFO Project, screening UFO reports for possible scientific study. Stringfield was also advisor to Sir Eric Gairy, former Prime Minister of Grenada, 1977-78, during his efforts to establish a UFO research agency within the framework of the United Nations. He passed away in 1994.


"Inside Saucer Post, 3-0 Blue (1957)", describing his activities as Director of Civilian Research Interplanetary Flying Objects (C.R.I.F.O.)
"Situation Red : The UFO Siege(1977)"
Status Reports
Status Report I - Retrievals Of The Third Kind
Status Report II - The UFO Crash/Retrieval Syndrome
Status Report III - UFO Crash/Retrievals : Amassing The Evidence
Status Report IV - The Fatal Encounter At Ft. Dix-McGuire
Status Report V - UFO Crash/Retrievals : Is The Coverup Lid Lifting?
Status Report VI - UFO Crash/Retrievals : The Inner Sanctum




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