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James Harder ,  Ph.D.

Dr. James Harder has studied extraterrestrial (ET) craft and their occupants for over thirty five years. He was Director of Research, Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) 1969-1982 - one of the the first civilian organizations to study the extraterrestrial phenomenon. Dr. James Harder also served as an electronics technician in the U.S. Navy and one of six scientists asked to testify on UFOs before the U.S. House of Rep. Committee on Science and Astronautics in 1968. Chief investigator in many classical UFO cases, including the Pascagoula case, the Travis Walton case, and the Pat Price case. He took over the Betty and Barney Hill investigation and continued it for many years. James Harder has also had personal conversation with Dr. Edward Condon.

Education: BS (Caltech); MS, Ph.D. (U.C. Berkeley). He is a Fellow,
AAAS; Life Member, ASCE; and Founding Member, Society for Scientific
Exploration. Professor Emeritus, U.C. Berkeley.




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