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 NAVIGATION MENU     Report 1 of 10317
ratlam, Madhya pradesh,

Summary:  Just saw and deleted

Date Posted: 7/1/2015 10:46:20 AM

Sighting Time: for 15 min
Day/Night: Nighttime
Duration: saw for 10 min

No. of Witnesses: 1

Size of Object(s): 8 ft
Distance to Object(s): 10 -15 ft from ground

Appearance / Description of Object(s)
A flat plate with 2 lights dim

Description of Area / Surroundings
Urban my school is near no othervthongs

Full Description & Details
Acutally it was approx 8 pm on ist when i was returning to my home after tution i justvsaw a disk with 2 lights approx 15 feetvfrom ground i just ignored it but as i reached home i thoughtvit was following me so i just went in my balcony and captured one of its pic on my phone. Then i went to have my dinner and i kept my phone on charging after that at 10 pm ist i just wanted to see if it was a ballon although it didnt lookedvlike that and in my city there is no helipad or air port but a few days ago a helicopter went its rare in 6 yrs for it rained heavliy. Then when i said to mom to see piv it was deleted from my phone although i tried to had a video but my fingers got in btween so i took an image

Reported Sighting? No
Location: india mp ratlam


 NAVIGATION MENU     Report 1 of 10317