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UFO Sighting Report


September, 1982


Grand Canyon, Arizona,


UFOs disguised as clouds that remained in place/shape for over six hours over the Grand Canyon. A field of crystal rocks were scattered nearby, that apparently never existed, according to a Park Ranger, when I tried to find the area. The UFO clouds vanished within a minute, and I now believe they didn't fly across the sky but traveled through some kind of worm hole that the crystals were connected with.

Date Reported:

6/12/2012 4:07:52 PM

Sighting Time: 

10 a.m. until 4 p.m.



No. of Witnesses: 



six hours

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

Please refer to above story, so I don't repeat. Note: I still have the photo (but no negative) which I can scan in, if requested (I will need to get someone to help me do this). Note that the photo was taken six hours after we first saw it and shows the exact same shape of the UFO over a six hour period of time.

Size of Object(s)

Please refer to above story, so I don't repeat.

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

Please refer to above story, so I don't repeat.

Description of Area / Surroundings

Please refer to above story, so I don't repeat.

Full Description & Details

My UFO story occurred one late September day in 1982. My friend Jerry and I decided to take a vacation to the Grand Canyon, a place neither of us had ever been. Heading south from where we were living in Grass Valley, California, we spent the first night at a friend's home in Sausalito, where we met another couple (two psychologists) who had just returned from the Canyon.

When this couple learned of our destination, they assumed we were UFO enthusiasts (we were not, although open minded to such possibilities). They went on to explain that UFOs have been seen over the Grand Canyon for the past week, preparing to leave the planet. To avoid detection, these UFOs have disguised themselves as clouds.

The following morning, Jerry and I continued our drive south through southern California and into Arizona. After a couple days, we arrived at the Grand Canyon late in the evening and camped a short distance away. Then, bright and early the next morning, we stopped at the ranger station and inquired about locating an area along the canyon rim where we wouldn’t be bothered by other tourists.

The Ranger instructed us to leave our truck in the lot, as there would be no place to park near the area he had in mind for us. He drove us to the far northwestern edge of the Canyon that was hidden by thick woods. He told us to “walk straight as a crow flies” through the forest for about a mile to reach the Rim. He assured us that we would not encounter anyone else in this secluded area.

We set off, hiking in a straight line, as our view was obscured by the dense woods. However, right before we reached the Rim, we came upon a carpet of quartz crystalline rocks strewn about the forested floor. Although we were awe-struck by the quartz, we continued hiking, anxious to viewing the Grand Canyon even more than looking at crystals.

As soon as we got through the woods and reached the Rim, we immediately took in the gorgeous canyon view. But we also noticed the two unusual cloud formations that mimicked the shape of UFOs, recalling what the psychologist UFO enthusiasts had mentioned in Sausalito. The UFO clouds hovered several hundred feet away from where we were standing. Before I realized that they would remain completely still for hours to come, I had already deduced that they were certainly not ordinary clouds. In fact, the cloud-like material seemed to simply coat over the actual structure that remained intact and unchanging over the entire day. The larger of the two “clouds” was approximately fifty feet in length and maybe thirty feet in height, with a double cylindrical shape, and the smaller “cloud” was a single saucer shape that stayed in place beneath the larger one.

In spite of the fact that it was a very windy day and all of the other "normal" cumulous clouds were blowing across the canyon at a fast clip, these two clouds remained in the same place and cylindrical shape. In complete defiance to natural law, they lingered above the Canyon from the time we showed up at ten in the morning, and most of the afternoon, until they suddenly left (to be described).

The wind whipped canyon swifts around in aerodynamic flights of fancy, along with the fast moving clouds sailing by, yet the UFO clouds stayed in place, maintaining the same UFO ship shape. At one point, Jerry noticed a huge cumulus cloud in the shape of a woman moving toward us. He asked me to pose in a similar pose as the woman cloud; but by the time I arranged myself along the cliff’s edge, the cloud had already moved along, its feminine shape disintegrating rapidly.

We hung out, enjoying the view, and occasionally checking on the UFO clouds, that never moved, until around four o’clock, when words invaded my mind: "They're leaving now." I trusted the intuition, grabbed my camera and took a picture of the UFO clouds, and then sat back to watch them leave. Within a minute, the inner structure of the UFO clouds suddenly vanished, and what remained of the cloud material dissipated a few hundred yards away, too thin to be carried by the wind.

After the UFOs left, Jerry and I hung out for a couple more hours, until the air started to grow colder with the setting sunlight. Since we wore only shorts and no jacket, we decided to head for the road before it got too dark. As soon as we set off, we came across the same field of crystal rocks that we saw on the way in; but this time, we stopped to admire them. Many of the green meteorite-looking rocks had crystals bulging out of the cracks in the stone, and others had cracked open, revealing the quartz crystals that seemed to be of a high quality: pure and clear.

We were in a wild crystal garden, it seemed, and started picking up crystal rocks to show to each other, and even pocketing a few, mindful not to take too many. There were so many beautiful ones to choose from that our personal collection grew. I would say to myself, with each additional taking, "just this one crystal", and also, "just one more would be okay”, and “oh, maybe this one too…”

Shortly, the sun slipped down low, stealing more of our light away. We were in a sudden race against the encroaching darkness and turned our attention to getting back to the road. But because we had been focused on the crystals, we had become disoriented, without the clear reference point of the sun to determine our direction. Jerry generally had a superior sense of direction, yet the road evaded us; the woods seemingly never-ending.

Just then, I received a clear internal message: "Just these two humans.” I stopped dead in my tracks when I understood the message that the woods could take "just these two humans," as easily as we were taking the crystal rocks. I said, “Jerry, remove all the crystals from your pockets.”

Jerry understood the truth in my request and complied without hesitation. “Follow me,” I added, as I was receiving directions that led us directly out of the woods. But the remarkable story doesn’t end just yet.

A few years later, in 1986, I returned to the Grand Canyon with my boyfriend. I stopped at the Ranger Station, wanting to find the area that Jerry and I had gone to show him the crystals. The Ranger told me, “Lady, I’ve been a Ranger here for over ten years. I’ve been all over the areas surrounding the Canyon, and believe me, there are no crystals anywhere.”

Then, a few years ago, after viewing a science program about quantum physics and worm holes, I started to wonder whether the UFOs didn’t travel across the sky with some kind of light speed velocity to explain why the UFO inner structure had suddenly vanished, leaving the cloud-material to dissipate. Now, I wonder whether they had been waiting for a precise time to enter a worm hole and depart across dimensions instead.

This theory possibly explains the existence of the crystals that we came across that the Ranger swore did not exist. Possibly, it also explains why we couldn’t leave with any of these crystals in our pockets, as they belonged to this other dimensional field that had opened up to receive the UFOs. Because we stood at the brink of this other dimensional field/worm hole, it could not completely close without also removing “just these two humans”.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

Our weatherman friend (worked at an airport but had been on television as a weather man and has credentials) could only consider a certain type of cloud (forgot name) in which a certain wind tunnel could possibly keep in place, but for that number of hours, and the fact that all the other clouds and birds were whipping by us, he thought this scenario was "highly unlikely".

Witness Background

At the time, I was about 28 years old. I currently am a professional social worker and therapist and have a masters degree in social work. Jerry Gay is a pulitzer prize winning photographer and was about 36 years old at the time of the sighting.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I am open minded but not a researcher or explorer of this topic. This is my only possible UFO experience. Coupled with the crystals that apparently never existed makes this experience particularly intriguing.

Other Comments

I'd like to know whether you have other reports of this sort of phenomena occurring over the grand canyon or other places that have crystals involved. As I said, I still have the photo that I shot right before the message came that they were leaving now. I'd be glad to send, once I can get it scanned in, if there is any interest.

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santa fe, new mexico



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