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UFO Sighting Report


April, 1994


Jay, Florida, United States


Small looking round object that was hovering above tall pine trees on right as I was heading north. Object was noticeable because it was filled with lovely, brightly lit rectangular windows that appeared to rotate like a spinning top as you press it down.

Date Reported:

7/8/2012 5:48:36 PM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 



1 minute?

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

As stated it was small, round and lit within rectangular windows that surrounded it. It may have been a couple feet in diameter, and maybe a foot or two in depth? No sound. It hovered above the trees making no observable sound. This object was to my right and very near the highway as I drove by. First noticed the colorful lights and wondered what they were. Drove slowly as I watched it hoover over the trees. No other traffic as I watched, no houses in the area. The internal lights were blue, red, yellow, purple, and pink and the frames around them may have been rotating or the lights themselves may have rotated. It quickly reminded me of someone pressing on the top of a spinning top to keep it spinning-the halting motion that happens when the top is pressed. It tilted, I think at times, as if banking?

Size of Object(s)

Small in appearance; maybe 2 feet in diameter? Maybe 1 or 2 feet in depth.

Description of Area / Surroundings

Highway 89 has no houses in the area I saw the object, just trees on either side of the road. This is an area of forest. No special features in the immediate area. Whiting Field is about 20 miles south of the area.

Full Description & Details

I am guessing the time frame. However, since I was a student in an art class at this time; and when I mentioned the sighting in class; another girl quickly corrected my time frame and said she also saw it the same night in Brewton, Al. She was very solemn; as our instructor of Art History had made some kind of joke about UFO's when I mentioned what I had seen. So there was this feeling of great "skepticism" regarding my remark; until the other student; unknown to me; made her comment. Until then, I had thought it might have been someone's clever invention; it was so bright and beautiful; I thought, "I have to have one of these!! They can make a fortune on this!!" The lights within the windows were much like the color of older, bright Christmas tree lights. It made no sound, and was sort of" floating and rotating" as it spun internally above trees in an isolated area of a small forest. I also think it would have been impractical to operate a "remote" device in the area of all those tall trees. I lost sight as it disappeared behind the thick trees; and I never stopped driving. Furthermore, Brewton, Al. is about 35-45 miles from the area where I saw it, so how did it get to Jay, Fl.? Visibility was excellent, since the weather was clear and no fog or rain. The only obstruction was the trees it hovered over and through. The strangest thing to me besides I have no idea of what I saw, was its seemingly small size and lack of noise and what was it doing in those woods?! I did not observe any "beings" in the clearly visible windows. The object appeared to be only a couple of feet in diameter; and possibly a foot or two deep. The windows surrounded the object in the center. It seems they may have extended almost top to bottom. The top and bottom may have had a slightly rounded appearance.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

Too low to be airplane, star, etc. Too small for anything that flies with which I am familiar. My first thought was "a wonderful toy"! But that doesn't really make any sense considering the location and time and the fact it was also seen earlier in Brewton, Al.

Witness Background

Housewife, mother, grandmother. Married since 1971. Am a Christian believer. College grad. with BA in English/Art. Took R.N. courses till my husband got sick with cancer. Live with adult dau.(who is sick with a serious disease), her son, and my husband,who is 100%VA disabled. Worked as a substance abuse counselor to male inmates, Principal in a juvenile justice facility; Social Worker to Disabled Adults, and children. Also, various positions in sales.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I have watched tv shows, read books, etc. But never heard of anything like this. It did not scare me; just fascinated me. What was it?Nothing like it before or since.

Other Comments

I do not know the other student's name who stated she saw it also. She seemed rather disturbed by it; and did not talk much about it; other than to state she saw it in Brewton, Al. And she remembered the date clearly. But I didn't make a note of it; and am still not certain of exact date.

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Your Location: 

Jay, Fl.



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