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UFO Sighting Report




Athens, Ohio, United States


On my way back to college while driving through the woods I saw a UFO land behind a hill.

Date Reported:

1/31/2013 9:07:04 AM

Sighting Time: 

11:45 pm



No. of Witnesses: 



8 to 10 seconds

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

At first it was a bright white light. As it descended it became egg shaped and was coming down at a slight angle. It moved very fast and was glowing. It had a trail of light behind it that had different colors mixed in it. Sort of rainbow like.

Size of Object(s)

If I stretched my arm out I would say my fingers would be about 3 inches apart from side to side. I really have no idea about actual size.

Description of Area / Surroundings

It was a long road that winds through trees and hills. Not much of anything around but I do believe there was a large lake close by. There weren't any houses around, just woods. I don't know of any military bases or power plants in the area at that time but we were maybe 20 or 30 minutes away from Ohio University.

Full Description & Details

This happened when I was attending Ohio University, I had gone home for the weekend. To save on gas money I gave a guy who lived in my dorm a ride in exchange for half the cost. I did not really know him but knew he was from my home town. On our way back to school that Sunday it was a warm night and we were driving with the windows down. We were talking about this and that and had turned the radio off. We were driving down a stretch of road that winds through lots of trees and hills and since it was close to midnight the road was deserted. Some how our conversation got on to UFO's. He told me how he had always wanted to see one. I agreed that it would be cool to see one for real. I suggested that perhaps the desire to see one would draw out the aliens on a craft and they would show themselves. Jokingly, he stuck his head out the window and called for a UFO to show itself. That very second a very bright light blinked on in the sky. It was like some one threw a switch. In seconds the light descended from the sky and became a large egg shaped object. It went right behind a hill we were coming up to and disappeared. I remember it vividly to this day. It was moving so fast and had a glowing trail of light that was rainbow colored behind it. It didn't make a sound as the windows were down and the radio was off. It was not very far away where it came down and it was moving so fast I expected to hear a bang or crash when it hit the ground but not a sound was made. I slammed on my brakes and skidded to a stop and we just sat there for a second. My passenger started to freak out and was yelling at me to get out of there but I was so freaked out I had to collect myself before I could drive. I wanted to go looking for it but he was too scared and I also couldn't find any road in the woods that would have taken us behind the hill. We went back to our dorm and people could tell we were really spooked about something but we kept silent at first. About an hour later he knocked on my door and said he couldn't stop thinking about it. Some others heard us talking and we told them our story. A few of us got in my car and drove back to the site but we couldn't find a way to get to where it came down. .

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

It wasn't a star or planed or moon as it came down and went behind a hill. It was moving so fast that if it was an airplane or a satellite or blimp it would have crashed and I think we would have heard it. I don't know much about weather balloons but I don't think they glow and it was moving so fast I doubt it. I just don't know what it could have been.

Witness Background

I'm a traffic manager at a manufacturing company I co-own with other family members. I have some college education but didn't finish. I've worked here for 17 years. I live in Ohio though in my youth I lived in different parts of the country. I was 21 when the sighting occurred.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I was always fascinated by the subject and had watched some tv specials. I got much more interested in them after the sighting and have even seen some pictures that look a lot like what I saw.

Other Comments

I don't know why I decided to report this now. It's just such a vivid memory so I felt I should share it.

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Reported To: 

Just friends

Your Location: 

Niles, Oh USA



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