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UFO Sighting Report


January, 8, 1999


guatemala, guatemala, Guatemala


some kind of implant / nono or something smaller and more advanced

Date Reported:

2/27/2013 9:31:38 AM



Full Description & Details


Good morning, iwas watching atl your page and I*m glad to type, I*ve been trying to get in touch with someone who knew about OVNIS*s topics and has been almost impossible I*m from guatemala and I*ve been investigating my own case aproximatly since 1999. all of this started with voices comin from no no where they were commands ones, at the beginning they were simple things which however they were commands, sometimes later they were increasing , this is the moment I decided to investigate what was gonin on ,i made filed RESEARCH .

In the decade of the *90s I requested for an scholarship to study abroad mathematics, phisics, astronomy and other topics related witn the area, I comment this due to the obvious.

I know i have some kind of technology inseide my body NANO I don*t think so,,,,,,, something more advanced PROBABLY.

I know I*m mentay stablished, even thoug when it could seem to any kind of ill.

This thing also has an association program on me 24 hour a day literality.

this thing told me about the nothamercan female HANLEY DANNING *S DEATH before it hapened

she worked at www.safepassage.org in guatemala. a none profile organization , with poor families, this thig also told me about things that other people were / are / will do / make which I COMFIRMED ,

I know this thing ( techonology ) can cure ills such as cancer and make / do other things.

***This thing can intersept, bloq,modify, erase information,and even thoug when my case is not related with 1944-1946 experiments in guatemala * jet*, could be related in another form.

***I made brain exams such as BRAIN MAGNETIC RESONANCE, and verything is perfect, I hope you get in touch with me.

***I apologize for not typing my name but for the already exposed