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UFO Sighting Report


October, 30, 2008


Phoenix Area, Arizona, United States


On or around date above, friend and I saw three flashing/blinking lights in Triangle Formation assend from below surrounding mountains. Reached stationary position, blinked, flashed on and off red, white, for about thirty seconds. Then, the individual lights flew off at great speed.

Date Reported:

3/1/2013 6:23:19 AM

Sighting Time: 

8-10 pm



No. of Witnesses: 



Maybe thirty seconds

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

Three separarate blinking/flashing lights, flashing red and white.

Size of Object(s)

Did not have a point of reference

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

Above and beyond the mountains at end of basin

Description of Area / Surroundings

Bloody Basin is in the Mountains above Phoenix. It is a well-known spot where people hike and shoot guns

Full Description & Details

Aobut an hour after dark, my friend and I were sitting up against our packs, propped against a couple of bolders looking off in the distance at the outline of mountains in the distance.

Suddenly, a triangle shape, outlined by three flashing/blinking lights arose from behind the mountain shadow, reached a certain point about the mountain and stopped. The lights were positioned on the tip of each side of the triangle. They blinked/flashed red, white for about thirty seconds. Then, the top light of the triangle went up, the left went to the left and the right light went right. They disappered from view within three seconds.

My friend and I spent 25 days at "Bloody Basin" on the Verde River in the mountains above Phoenix, fishing and prospecting. During that time, we saw numerous commerical and military craft flying over. Usually, they would be visable for ten-twenty seconds.

These three separate lights, in a Triangle form, diapppered within three seconds.

This is my first and only UFO sighting.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

Due to the speed at which they disappeared, I do not believe they could be man made.

Witness Background

Sales, Construction, Labor. self taught writer of poems and stories

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I believe the math supports the existance of other life forms in our Universe

Reported Sighting? 



Scott Wyatt