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UFO Sighting Report





I remember this well from my time based in Melbourne with the old Ansett Airlines of Australia, by then flying their Viscount 800' within Ausytralia, when we heard of this incident

Date Reported:

3/3/2013 1:17:08 AM



Full Description & Details

After discussion on Friday 1st Feb, 2013, with my youngish dentist, when he 'admitted' that he had found references to UFOs, and what did I think of the topic.

I expressed my opinion that 95% of reportage is wild alternate society type statements, but that I personally knew of two incidents involving aviators, one with radar confirmation. That incident is the one shown below, and I see you are aware of the Frederick Valentich baffling event. It is somewhat similar to the The Kinross Air Force Base Incident, which I was unaware of.


Search on "1969 Bristol Freighter NZ UFO encounter"

First return is good, i.e.


Excellent calm, rational and accurate web site, from the one incident that I have the original files on.

You might be interested in this additional information, sent to my dentist, on the Valentich incident:

For general reportage search on "UFO Bass Strait Frederick Valentich missing aircraft"

For the official report, search on ‘V116/783/1047’

That results in:


Follow the note at the bottom ‘Read the digitised file for yourself:’ and you will find the v116 file as a digitised document, which I thought I was able to download. It’s a 123 kB/315 page document, accessed via a tricky link from the search page. When I down-loaded it, I only ‘got’ the jpg of the first page.

The radio transcription is very 'correct' for the period. ATC's repeating of their callsign is just the standard acknowledgement that they heard what was said but have nothing further to add to the discussion.

He was further south than I remembered, which would put him well below Melbourne's radar coverage, that being the only radar around back then.

Poor little blighter.


Witness Background

Radio tech Air, Aviator, retired