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UFO Sighting Report




Blyth, Northumberland, United Kingdom


Small car size black UFO encounter, no visible or audible means of propulsion. White search-beam lighting up the area as if it was daylight.

Date Reported:

5/19/2013 5:03:08 PM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 




Appearance / Description of Object(s)

Object looked like the frontal area of a helicopter, but with no tail, rotors or landing gear. Frontal area did look like dark glass in the shape familiar with the front of a helicopter. There was no sound whatsoever, and from the front emitted a white beam, in a triangle shape, lighting up the ground as if it was daylight.

Size of Object(s)

Object was approx 20ft in the air, above a small copse of trees, it appeared to be around standard size of a helicopter without the tail.

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

20ft above, 20ft to the side of me. Appeared from behind trees, the was static in position.

Description of Area / Surroundings

Middle of fields, a dirt track that covered approx a mile, in the middle of this (between fields) was a copse of trees to one side. No street lighting of any kind, I do not recall the moon being visible either.

Full Description & Details

I was walking home at around 7-8pm in the evening, it must have been autumn/winter time as it was very dark. My route took me along a dirt track that covered a golf course, and then a corn field. At the end of the gold course was a small copse of trees.

As I approach the part of the path parallel with the trees, I became aware of a black object coming in from beyond the trees, it was maybe a little larger than a standard car, although I would more liken it to the cockpit of a helicopter, but without the rotors, the tail, or the landing gear. Some might say it was oval, or 'squashed cigar' shaped.

The object itself was very dark in colour, the front of the object had what I can only describe as a windscreen (like on the front of a helicopter), this did differ from the colouration of the rest of the object. Everything, including the windscreen was however black. From the windscreen area, what I can only describe as a search beam shone down, white light, illuminating the surrounding (approx 18ft) area as if it was daylight.

I was 12 or 13 years old at the time, and although I was very excited by what I could see, I considered the consequences of any actions in my head. Should I walk towards the object? I'm curious. But I might get abducted! They might not let me go! Should I stand and watch the object from where I am? Thinking about it now, I never considered 'hiding' - though as I recall, where I was, there was nothing to hide behind!

Anyway, I opted to continue walking, at as close to the same pace I had been previously (I did not actually stop) I acted as if I'd not been aware of it. When I was 20-30 metres further from the object, I glanced back, but there was nothing visible.

I kept this to myself for many years after this, I did however have some rather weird dreams. In the dreams, I'm lying in a small L shaped room, the far part of the L being an alcove, but the shape of the main part wasn't completely rectangular, as this side of the room was maybe 6ft across, but at the bottom of the room it was maybe 5ft across, with an alcove off to the left. I'm lying on what is like a bed, it it neither hard, nor soft, but the whole room emits a slightly blue, predominantly white glow - including the bed. Below me is another bed, someone is on it, and I think I know who it is. (many years later I ask the other person if they have ever had anything 'strange' like this - if they have, they truly do not know it.).

During waking hours, when I thought of these 'dreams' (which kept recurring over 3 or 4 years), when I thought about the dreams, I would get pains in my stomach, as if something metal was tightening around my innards.

Witness Background

I.T Manager

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I was aware of UFO's from movies and childrens sci fi story books. After this, well, I''ve read as much as I can, researched what I could, and wondered.

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