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UFO Sighting Report


November, 22, 1964


Memphis, Tennessee, United States


From my backyard at 10 pm I noticed a white full moon above me but I see the man in the moon, so I looked east and saw a orange or blood red moon rising over my neighbor's house. I looked back at the white full moon and it started after a few minutes to ascend. I look like a smaller moon when it got higher, then higher it looked like a bright star, then dim star, then it disappeared in space.

Date Reported:

5/22/2013 1:26:40 AM

Sighting Time: 

10:00 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



15 minutes

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

The UFO looked like a full moon with uniform whiteness but the same brightness of a real full moon. It appeared at an altitude to appear the same size a real full moon.

Size of Object(s)

I estimate the object 10 acres in size

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

Altitude estimate was 20,000 feet

Description of Area / Surroundings

The UFO was seen in the urban neighborhood of Memphis called "Frayser". This area has three bedroom homes on slightly hilly terrain. Fifteen mile to the North was Millington Naval Air Station. The neighborhood was within a mile of Highway 51.

Full Description & Details

My UFO phenomenon began on the way to visit my grandmother in western Kentucky. We were riding north on Highway 51 late at night listening to the AM radio when we heard a news report of UFO’s seen in western Kentucky and western Tennessee. I looked out the back window at the stars above stating that I wish I could see a UFO. Twenty six days later I had my wish. I was back at home in Memphis when my mother asked me to take out the garbage at 10pm Sunday 22 November 1964. I went out back and I looked up and saw a white full moon above then I looked around and to the east I saw an orange or blood red moon rising. I looked back above and noticed the white full moon shaped UFO again for a few minutes until it ascended in the sky looking like a bright star at high altitude. I believe this phenomenon was outside of my head and it was fantastic. Since it appeared over the Holy Hills of the Frayser community of Memphis, I call it the "Frayser Fatima" of the "Moon of Memphis".

At 10pm 22 November of 1964 in Memphis Tennessee (USA), I was asked by my mother to take out the garbage. I went out back and I noticed a bright white full moon above. I looked closer and I noticed it had uniform whiteness with well define circular outline but I was not able to see the shades of white or grey that made the man in the moon face. It was equally as bright as the real full moon, bright enough to create a moon shadow. I looked around and I noticed another moon that was bright orange. This other moon was rising over our neighbor's house to the east, as I looked through the side yard from the back yard to the front. It had the features that created the man in the moon, so I believed that it was the real moon. I looked above and stared again at the white full moon for a few minutes, then it made a rapid ascend in the sky. I estimate the ascend speed between 180 to 300 knots. As it rose, it became a smaller and smaller moon until it appeared to looked like a bright star, then a dim star, then disappeared into space. It reminded me of the Star of Bethlehem when it was at high altitude. The event occurred within a mile of the Area 51 of Tennessee, that is near Highway 51 over the Holy Hills of the Frayser neighborhood of Memphis, Tennessee and the event lasted about fifteen minutes.

I was only seven and my good father was 33 thirty three when I witnessed this UFO that I now call the "Moon of Memphis". I had a good memory of the event so that when I was trained in the Air Force as an instructor navigator, I was able to analyze the event better with my aviation experience. I estimate that the "Moon of Memphis" was at twenty thousand feet and was about ten acres in size. I developed this information from watching the ascend of the "Moon of Memphis" through some high cirrus clouds that I estimate was at sixty thousand feet. At twenty thousand feet it would have taken four 747 aircraft parked in a circle to cover the area of the "Moon of Memphis" UFO, thus creating a ten acre size estimate. When it hovered above me and 10 ten degrees south, it was exactly the size and shape of the real moon when seen high in the sky. Most observers probably could not tell the difference between the "Moon of Memphis" UFO and the real lunar moon when it's hovering above.

There is significance to this event because the timing of the event has biblical implications. First it appeared in 1964 which can be analyzed to derive meaning. If you take the alphabet and match the letters with numbers then you can derive a numeric number for words. I analyzed many religious words and I found several that are interesting. The English words “Israel”, “Zion”, "Jeshua" as Messiah, "Gautama" as Buddha, "American", (WuChi) of Taoism, and “Mercy” decodes to 64 sixty four. Israel is a word that has meaning to the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions. The word Zion is a word that means Israel and Jerusalem in particular. In Revelations of the Bible, there is writing about a New Jerusalem or a new Zion. Could the timing of the “Moon of Memphis” mean that it was God’s New Jerusalem or Zion? If you reverse 64 for 46 then the Hindu word "Indra" (leader of Hindu Gods) is obtained. The living witness was born in 1957 and 57 is the sum of the words "Moon", "Brahman", and "Mary".

The UFO event occurred at 10 pm. Ten coincides with the English letter “J” which could mean Jewish, Jehovah, or Jesus. If we added the 10 ten to the 64 sixty four then we would get 74 seventy four. Seventy four has some religious meaning. The English words “Messiah“, “Jesus“, "Cross", "Muhammad" of Islam, and "Jewish" decodes to 74 seventy four. Seeing meaning presumes that God intended for the year and time numbers to be added together. If we subtract 10 ten from 64 sixty four we get 54 fifty four. The English words “Love” and "Islam" adds up to 54 fifty four. Since so many religious words depend on plus or minus 10 ten then the 10 ten may have been intended to be added and subtracted from 64 sixty four to derive religious meaning. The key number of 64 sixty four for Israel or Zion may have meant the important religious center for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

I think it was made by God from spirits or spirit matter condensing or gathering in the sky. I believe it was a sign of Christ and God and was a second coming of Jesus event. Revelations state that God can produce light not of the sun or moon.

Witness Background

BA in Political Science, MA in Human Resource Management, Capt USAF / Lt USCG Retired. Eagle Scout.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I was often excited as a boy about UFO and now I am certain that most UFO are hoaxes except for UFO created by God like this "Moon of Memphis" UFO.

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National UFO Reporting Center


William Harding Bickers

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Memphis, Tennessee, USA