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UFO Sighting Report


Date : forgot Month : forgot Year : 1989-1992


Falticeni, Suceava, Romania


I think there is alien in my chest.

Date Reported:

6/6/2013 9:53:02 AM

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Full Description & Details

Was happened bed small one human or alien don't know was accident , I hit my head while sleeping after tomorrow I woke up, I went to take a shower, and there kids asked me what I have in my chest ?

Late 1992 year

When back home after i ran up bus and station up train travel later 10-15 day police caught me after go school " village bivolarie ".

Later 1995 year

Father died and other school in city Buzau home

mom : son what happened to your chest?

Vasile : i said was kindergarten and don't know

mom : oh ok no problem

Vasile : escape

Later 2007 or 2008 went to the bathroom after oglina, my chest was open. I hurt, I was scared, I clicked to close. I was afraid

Later Date march 14 2013 was I made a radiology and saw some bones but was empty in the middle. The doctor said he did not know what it is

Later Date may 31 2013 was mobile photo is hard for can't see

I think my chest is danger


My name is Vasile Costea 27 age

Birthday : Apr 21 1986

Country : Romania to city Cluj-Napoca

Address : I.C. Bratianu search Vasile Costea " mutu "

My e-mail : vasile_costea.2013@yahoo.com

I need answer me please come send e-mail : vasile_costea.2013@yahoo.com


no joke

i swear .

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Vasile Costea

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