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UFO Sighting Report


April, 24, 2012


Janesville, Wisconsin, United States


I looked out the window cause I had heard a car door shut and seen a wide array of lights flying admist the skies.

Date Reported:

7/7/2013 2:33:55 PM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 

Me/my sister.


About 45 minutes until they faded away

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

First one was about 3-4 inches in diameter from where I was standing, I guessed the Altitude was about 4 miles or so. Second one was about 2-3 inches in diameter from where I was standing, I cant guess altitude. But based on it's width and the nearby landmarks I'de guess it'd be 2000-2500 feet away. Third one was another red one, this one seemed attached to the second one, it would follow the second one everywhere. Fourth one was a blue one it was about 5-6 inches in Diameter, but I think it was closer and lower altitude. Probably 2 miles Altitude. And 1000-2000 feet away. Fifth one was Green, I cant really remember the distance across this one, or how far away it was, all I know is that it was VERY high up and looked like a green star Same size/brightness. The last one was an unknown colour, not sure what it was. But it was about 20-25 inches in diameter. Altitude was about 13,000 feet up or so. And it was the furthest away i'de guess 3000-4000 feet.

Size of Object(s)

First: 3" Second: 2" Third one: 1.5" Fourth: 6" Fifth: I'de have to guess... 1" Sixth: 24". Actual Sizes: First one: Probably 25 Feet across up close and 10 feet as it's height. Width is the same as 25 feet across. Second:15 feet width/across 10 feet up. Third: Only 10 feet across 10 feet up. It was Cone shape. Fourth one: 30 feet across 15 up maybe 20 up. Fifth one: I'm not sure, sorry. Sixth: 100-125 feet across 45 feet up probably.

Description of Area / Surroundings

It was urban, a line of houses that led to the Main street. By main street there we're small buildings such as "Any time Fitnuss" (Misspelled Fitness cause I'm not sure about copyright) I beleive there's an Airport nearby, and some Radio-communication towers

Full Description & Details

I was trying to sleep then I heard a car door shut, so I walked to the window right next to my front door and looked out. That's when I saw it, a flying red light that was doing to many to sharp turns for any Aeroplane. Then more started to appear out of nowhere! There were 2 red ones. A blue one, a green one, and this colour I can even really describe. It was a red, but also blue-tinted, but it seemed to be veiled by purple... That's the best I can do. After I seen these "UFO's" For some reason I could sleep. I had nightmares for about 3 or so weeks after seeing this. Also, they looked like they we're flying away but they weren't, They we're getting smaller, and closer. I could just tell. Then they all just faded to black. My sister told me she had seen them too later that day (At about 4:00 PM)

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

I know it wasn't any planets, as I use my telescope fairly every night (I would've used it to observe them, but it takes 15-20 minutes to get it all together.) It wasn't a star, not even the atmosphere could change the colour to the colours I'd seen. Too far away for birds. And some of the objects are to high up for clouds. Could have been a Satellite, but I don't think a satellite could be projecting six objects. Blimps wouldn't be up that late I don't think, and I don't know about blimps or how high they can 'Float' so i'm not sure. It wasn't a weather balloon i've seen those many time i'd know if it was one of those.

Witness Background

I'm 15, was 14 at the time. My occupation is a Teenager i'de guess. Education is just regular schooling, but I excel beyond my grade, learning physics at 13 for example, so i'm not the average bean I guess.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I've always believed in extraterrestrial ships and extraterrestrial races the chances of us being alone is astronomical, in the few starts we've looked at there's about 26 almost-confirmed Habitable Exoplanets. We know there are Billions of galaxies, each of these galaxies has 100-200 million (Or was it billion?) Stars orbitting it. Not to mention the far reaches of space we haven't seen. There's been unidentified objects on the NEO map before (Near-Earth Objects) So, there's like about a 0.0000000000001% chance we are alone.

Other Comments

The government covers this stuff up... alot.


Bryce Hodder

Your Location: 

Janesville(Different adress) Wisconsin, U.S.A.