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UFO Sighting Report




byron, Illinois, United States


I was a teenager when i saw the large oval object in the sky,it had almost hit a small engine airplane which i could hear.....when they almost collided it disapeared quickly out of site.

Date Reported:

7/9/2013 8:22:30 PM

Sighting Time: 

both past 10.00pm



No. of Witnesses: 

one and two


about 10 minutes

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

very large oval shape/ quite bright underneath with colored lights that rotate around the outside

Size of Object(s)

hands outstetched with fingers extended.size of a small football field,,maybe larger.

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

200 feet.....tree top level of a large oak tree.

Description of Area / Surroundings

it was very rural and it was very close to the byron illinois power plant

Full Description & Details

excuse me if i dont remember the year of my ufo sighting as it was so many years ago;that i dont remember but i remember the sighting imprinted in my brain like a movie in my head.that night it was late about 10.00 oclock in the evening.it was quite dark.we lived in 10 acers of woods in a quaint little house.there was a clearing that my father had trimmed into the woods for our backyard.he had built two log cabins because he was a woodsman born in minnesota.on that night i realized that i hadnt thrown my white albino quarter horse blue boy any hay.so,i ran huridly to the small cabin and hollerered for him.he always came running.while he munched joyfully on his dinner suddenly i noticed in the western sky a odd view.there was a small engine airplane flying acrossed the sky.i could hear its motor whinning and see it lights flashing.coming toward the plane was a star like obstacle with bright rays.it looked like a star,but was moving.it looked as if they would crash.before that happened the star like object quickly moved into the west as if to avoid the wreck or sighting.the plane kept going and went on to its destination;but the star came back into view at the same location the potencial crash had been.for some crazy reason i realized this was a ufo and took my flashlight and started to turn it off and on in an sos type sygnal right toward the ufo.to my amazment it came closer into view and i could see colored lights in a rotation around the object.i kept flashing my light.i had walked back toward the house and was standing at the back door. before i knew it the object was tree top level. i could hear it as if it was slowing down.it wasnt loud ,but a whiring sound.it was very large and took up the whole clearing and quite bright underneath.i shrieked for my father,get out here now.he knew by my voice i was extremly excited.he looked up and said oh,my god.the ship which had no propeller hovered for a brief moment and it was if it swayed to make a left turn.it was gone.......my father bryce and i discussed our sighting for years afterwards and realized we saw nothing that we had ever seen on this earth before.it was a spacecraft from someplace other than here on earth.i am a believer that there is life on other planets;i believe our government knows way more than they are telling us.....i have a gut instinct that what i feel is real,,,,,whatever or whoever they are they the beings from that ship i saw are way more advanced than us.many years later about three miles from the other sighting i saw another sighting of a craft of the same type or size.i was an adult then and had been working the night shift.it was about 2.00 in the morning .i came around the corner of an s curve and there at about tree top level was a space craft which to my amazment looked about the same size as the ship i had seen as a teen.i again frommy previous experience decided to flash my car lights on and off quickly.low and behold i got its attention and it made a circle turn over my car at tree top level.my heart was pounding.i had to crouch my shoulders down and look up to see it the space shipwas above my car.nothing happened,but it left abruptly.but i could see it scanning the horizon ahead of me down the road.when i walked into the house as i got home my brother and girlftiend were on the floor by my fathers woodburning stove for warmth.....when i told them what i saw they first asked me if i saw a ghost because i was so nervous and pale......i shrieked no i saw a ufo.....they asked me what was i smoking.i said i dont smoke anything...........

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

hell no

Witness Background

im just a regular person of no real education.i worked in a factory amerock corporaton for 25 years and retired early and moved to florida.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

i didnt have a view about ufos and didnt read about it either.

Other Comments

i believe in life on other planets because of my ufo sightings...no body can convince me of any different.

Reported Sighting? 



lance dauenbaugh

Your Location: 

ormond beach florida unit 15 usa