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UFO Sighting Report


October, 29, 2010


Georgetown, Texas, United States


It was one night that I had nothing to do waiting around for friends to pick up the phone. I was driving around my town and trying to figure out something to do. I was driving towards the university in my hometown and saw something I have never seen in person.

Date Reported:

7/17/2013 6:30:38 PM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 




Appearance / Description of Object(s)

It was dark looked like a small blimp moving then descended down straight and looked like a disk. It was shiny silver color that had really bright multicolored lights of every color I could ever see rotating around in the center of the disk. Kind of an area dock on the top of it. There was no sound coming from the object. It didn't really move when it had came closer to the ground.

Size of Object(s)

It was the length a bit shorter than school bus. The height was like two small box cars on top of each other on the top side of the center and the bottom side of the center.

Description of Area / Surroundings

There was a military base in Fort Hood. A municipal airport in town across the interstate. My town is very suburban and I was close to the Downtown square.

Full Description & Details

It was my freshman year of college and I lived with my parents since I went to community college. It was a calm chilly fall night in October in Central Texas. The sun would go down earlier from day light savings,so it always felt like nighttime came early. My Aunt and Uncle were in town from Dallas and my parents and them were going to go out to Walburg to eat German food together. I didn't feel like going out to eat or knew what to do cause I didn't hear any calls back from my friends at the time. My parents and my Aunt and Uncle went left and I did right afterwards to buy some cigarettes and I remember I even bought American Spirits that night. I then drove over to the Starbucks in town to visit some friends over there and wait until someone called me and I would read a little bit there. I was getting pretty bored so I left and at the time I was driving what is my sisters truck which drives pretty slow. I headed toward Southwestern University on Austin Ave. from the Starbucks at that location. I didn't have any music on. I was driving slowly toward the university to see if anyone was there since there was a weekly show going on Friday nights. As I was on Austin ave. driving toward Downtown Georgetown on the left side of the road across from the Monument Cafe parking lot was an old jail house that always had a haunted house in it for Halloween of course. I think it was put on by the local police department and they had police lights coming from a car that they parked on the side of the road and the lights got my attention so I slowed down. As I saw the lights on the right side of the road where the Monument Cafe parking lot was I saw what I thought was a blimp and I though to myself "Isn't that illegal? to be that low since it was at the height of 3 stories above ground. I then thought it was a plane since theres a small airport in town but why would it be so low and moving very slow to the ground. Where I was when I saw all this happen is when I had just turned into the parking lot into the opposite side of the parking lot. I got out to the truck and it was that moment I had been waiting for since I had been researching sightings,abductions,ancient civilizations,ships,religious texts,and more that all had to do with what we call "aliens". I remember getting out of my car and yelling at the people across the street at the haunted house saying "HEY! HEY! LOOK!!!" (at the object) nobody was around that I know of that really knew what was going on or if anyone also saw the same thing. (I will describe the appearance in the next box) and I saw the picture that I had seen over and over again and I knew that it was no plane or blimp cause wouldn't it make some noise? This did not at all there was no sound coming from it. I felt I couldnt move I was in so much shock and I only remember watching for maybe a minute or 2 outside the truck. It was like a prayer was answered. I tried to get my phone to take a picture and my phone was really slow to bring up the camera. When the object was there for the time being after I was getting out of my car to look for my phone it had descended upward turned into a more cone/cylinder shape that was darker than the color it was in descended form and headed north very quickly. I remember being in so much shock I just got back in my car and drove toward the university talking to myself saying "Holy shit! What just happened?!". I got the university parking lot and sat at a bench smoking cigs and feeling kinda shaky and still in shock trying to figure out what just I had seen in front of me. My best friend who I was waiting for a call that night had called me back from being in a movie so I told him that I had seen a UFO and he said that I was probably "just high" and I wasn't I was sober. I drove over there and told him about my experience in person and he said that he believe me from how I felt about it. It made me feel humbled that there was more life in the stars in the sky. The sky is not a picture it is a window into another world that also knows that we are here too. We aren't hidden from anything cause nothing is hiding. It made me become the agonistic/atheist that I am today since I started to theorize what if all religion is just these beings from another world? Are all Gods just made up? It's something planted to be like these Gods,Kings,Royalty,etc to look like them. Is it human now? In modern time we all want to look like celebrities that we see since they are our modern equivalent of Royalty. Technology is something that given to us possibly from these beings who ever they are or whatever they are doing. That night with my best friend I couldn't go outside of house by myself that I couldn't look at the sky. Today its July 17,2013 and I'm reporting a sighting that when I think of this object my entire body chills and shakes up from what I had seen that night. Something that is not currently found in our modern society.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?


Witness Background

Some college experience. I started working at the Monument Cafe in 2011 a few months after I saw the UFO in their parking lot.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I read a lot about UFOs for a years since high school. I knew there was more out there than ourselves. I questioned religion,technology,and everything that is today and why it is that way. I was thinking of why humans sometimes think it's silly believe this when they speak of angels and demons and they say they are real yet they never seen one. I believe that much of ancient texts say that the 'war in heaven' is really just other species fighting or something else. I did a lot of research on Egyptians. I looked at the same picture of a disk and its people with glowing heads that is seen in every continent of the world when they didn't have any contact with any other part of the world. I knew that it was a UFO cause I knew how to recognize it.

Other Comments

I'm 95% sure of what i saw was a UFO. If it was a plane or some advanced flying object that is used by humans I don't know about I hope I find out. I believe what I saw and that it was nothing I had ever experienced and that I couldn't describe fully in conversation.

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