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UFO Sighting Report


Today the 05.08.2013 regarding documentary on Discovery channel in the UK


London, United Kingdom


Hi, this is not about an actual sighting but regarding a documented incident in Australia about the pilot Fred Valentich.

Date Reported:

8/5/2013 4:27:04 PM



Full Description & Details


I watched a documentary on Discovery this evening that covered the event around the disappearance of Fred Valentich, an Australian pilot. In the programme there was a recording that had been tweaked I guess to try and clarify it. I don't know if anyone considered this before so please forgive me if it has happened - but if his Cessna or any other prop plane was transported into a larger object, there would be a very clear need to stop that prop immediately. Either that or the plane would continue to power itself with the engine still running. Or shred whatever else may have been inside the larger object. The recording played sounded like a damaged prop still rotating in a metal grinding on metal type of repetitive way.

I did a Google but couldn't find any other closer way of trying to provide my thoughts on the sound that was played, for the first time on TV as stated within the programme. I know it isn't earth shattering but it may help in some small way and that is why I wanted to reach out as it were.

Those that say no are fooling themselves or living off the proceeds in my humble opinion. Evolution doesn't tolerate mistakes very often, no matter how high up the food chain the species is. When someone can tell me why we have approx. 85% of brain doing nothing - maybe they will win me over? Just maybe.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

What I can say is this - I was tested when I applied for a boring little job in the Civil Service and they wanted to test me again. When they gave up testing they knew enough to know I was right for a different type of role. It's not on any paper, computer or on any wall either, that you, me, or anyone else will ever get to see

Other Comments

Please pass my thoughts on if you can do so. That's all that I can ask, and hope it might help in some small way.

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Becky Barrett

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Enfield, London, UK