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UFO Sighting Report




Date Reported:

8/21/2013 8:30:09 PM



Full Description & Details

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Below is what you submitted to ufocntr@nwlink.com,cstepien@experlogix.com on Wednesday, August 21, 2013 at 19:08:56

100 Date: 08/21/13

110 Time: 23:11

120 Duration: 9 hours

140 Sighting State: .

168 Number of Craft: 17

190 Description: In Columbae there is a run away star. Near the mark there is a pippin acting strange. It made a sound on the screen at 3ohms 9volts. You have to read it carefully and do not send it or something will talk to you at 11:11PM I do not have time to explain. Look at Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance for Nintendo 3DS and you will finally see it was real. Space probes have LCD lights and motion detectors now. Mexico has a Space Agency and probes. Africa has a Space Agency and Proton Rockets. That was it. There a living being on the planted Pai to the left. It broadcast on smartphone radio logic 1075

420 Aura: Yes

510 Entities: Yes

540 Animals: Yes

240 Address State: .

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