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UFO Sighting Report




Lomita , California, United States


10:55 pm spending time with my mom watching late night TV. We both heard a strange loud sound outside it was very loud. My mother 72 years old said "I have lived 72 years and I do not want to know what that is". My mom immed.iately Turned off the TV and turned over. The sound was shaking the walls! the tone of her voice was eerie. Smart comment. However me being young I was very curious. DUMB.

Date Reported:

8/23/2013 11:39:25 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



5-7 minutes

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

Round spaceship Silver matte color HUGE size of a football field! Blueish light pulsating in a round ring just under the middle of the ship. Inside the blueish light there was like a ball moving in it and the sound was going with the ball WHOOOO WHOOOWHOOOOO it was shaking the walls!

Size of Object(s)

HUGE took up a large part of the sky was low and hovering.

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

200 yards off the ground above the houses.

Description of Area / Surroundings

IN THE CITY! LOMITA CA normal city. No military base close but San Diego 40 miles away

Full Description & Details

I was very reluctant to get up and go see what it was at it was a scary sound WOOOWOOOWOOWOO really loud! I went to the door and looked out the window I could see a pulsating light bouncing off the buildings. I ran to the front door and was careful to stay hidden as I looked up in the sky around the side of the house. It was a SPACESHIP. I mean one about the size of a football field! I freaked out and ran inside completely freaked out tried to wake my boyfriend. He would not awaken??. I was totally sober and not on any medication or anything. I thought I was going nuts. I was frantic thinking where do I hide they saw me look at them. Thinking they can see thru the roof with that technology. I still to this day can describe it to a T. I went back out and had to see it again curious because I wanted to see it and describe it.. It was there approx 5 minutes hovering above my house. It was so amazing and real I blinked a couple times thinking I was seeing things and was terrified. All of a sudden it took off like a beam across the sky! FASTER than anything I could not even follow it it was so fast!!!! now I am looking around to see who is outside d the neighborhood! NO ONE was outside??? what the hell is going on? no one heard that I thought??? all of a sudden I hear a helicopter I could see some beams of light in the distance to where the craft went like it was fighting with light beams in the far far distance and now this ARMY helicoper is right above the house where the UFO was! and it flew in the direction the spaceship went! I STARTED LAUGHING thinking you will never catch it you idiots! I ran into the house and turned on the TV and then went over to a neighbors and knocked NO answer! seriously? My mom and I the only ones who heard that??I still to this day do not know why no one heard that it was so loud it was shaking all the houses! My boyfriend not waking up with me shaking him is also weird 2 hours later he woke?? I was shaking him!

I am not sure why this happened but either the GOVERNMENT made it or we have serious ALIEN issues on this planet they know about!!! I SAW IT!

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

NO!!! IT WAS A SPACESHIP! this happened almost 20 years ago and I have told very few people as I am scared if it was the government maybe I should not tell anyone.

Witness Background

Real Estate Agent

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

Never knew if they existed NOW I know they do!

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