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UFO Sighting Report


August, 8, 2012


Austin, Texas, United States


I watched with binocs and my video camera (15 power optical zoom) from 5 AM to 610 AM today as a "star" remai ned stationary in the sky at 199 degrees east and elevation 45 degrees

Date Reported:

9/8/2013 8:50:09 AM



Appearance / Description of Object(s)

wnd brightest star in the sky, ut flashed red and white lights, stayed where it was, but zoomed forfward toward the viewer as a dull orange orb, then went back to looking like a twinkling multicollored stare, and the n like a comet with a blue tail

Size of Object(s)

It was a bright star but too far to guess size. It was clearly stationary but seemed farther as the hour went by, but of course dawn was coming up and stars were fading.

Description of Area / Surroundings

I was on my 2nd floor balcony in north central Austin where usually I can see only about ten stars on a clear dark night due to haze and the city lights all around me. There are street lights just below my balcony, but trees block most of their light. No one was around between 5 and 610 AM while I was on my balcony making video files and watching with strong binocs.

Full Description & Details

Austin 78723 Light in the Eastern Sky Five AM to Six-ten AM

Videoed by James P Louviere, Sept 8, 2913

Science Writer 1026 Clayton Lane Apt 3207 Austin, TX 78723

tel 1 512 888 1621 drhanzonscience@gmail.com

I have a strong background in the sciences and a long-time interest in the skies. I have been observing the skies from my east-facing balcony on Clayton lane with binoculars and a digital camera with a 15x optical zoom lens. I use it to take pictures are science catalogs. This morning I was on my balcony marveling at the unusual number of star visible this morning as sunrise approached.

I looked East(100 degrees) and at an elevation about 45 degrees above the horizon I saw a star that, through the binoculars, was flashing red and white and behaving strangely. After observing it about five minutes I

went to my small office and brought out my digital camera that can take stills and videos.

I took videos for about thirty minutes, capturing perhaps ten minutes of the strange, colorful object.

My batteries went dead and I replaced them. I had a hard time locating the “star” in my viewfinder (I get better results using the SLR-type viewfinder than I do with the screen on the back of the camers.

Here is what I saw:

A “star” that appeared a little less bright than the brightest stars in the sky, but it was close to their brightness.

It seemed to be spinning slowly on its vertical axis. It seemed to be wider than it was thick, but I saw no “body” (as in a “flying saucer.”)

It was flashing red and white, and often seemed to have a blue comet-like tail on the left side, angled upward about 35 degrees. It looked a lot like some of the images of Comet ISON that have been seen on TV and YouTube.

Sometimes the thing would blink out and disappear for perhaps four or five seconds. Sometimes sit seemed to become a hazy, dim orb, large enough to completely hide the flashing lights that seemed to have jumped in front of, shielding the flashing object from sight.

My videos were all hand held, and the apparent jiggling about on the screen is due to my own trembling as I attempted to hold the camera steady.

Occasionally I would lose the image, and it was lost for a minute or more. From about 5:40 to about 6:10 AM I kept shooting videos of the

strange flashing object, but some of the time the object does no appear because either it left the field of vision or because it simply disappeared for a short time or I simply lost the object and could not find it in the viewfinder. About a week or ten days ago, I was all excited and told a tenant from the next building that I had videoed a UFO. Upon reviewing the several files I made then, also from my balcony,

I found that

A. some of the videos were as long as five minutes or longer but contained only a couple of seconds of the “UFO.” Once I had a chance to actually re-shoot the layout, I found a few cases that made me think every “good” shot could have been scenes from the “street lights” that are partially hidden by trees, and reflections of these light bouncing off rain gutters along the edges of the paneled roof gutters that surround the main administration building.

B. No TV station could use my “UFO Vids” because the few seconds of “maybe real” alien craft(s) would take up valuable time with dubious results.

These new files are a whole different matter, and once I review them I hope to make them available to the media, and I’d be happy to appear on TV discussing the visit from a strange “star.”

Here is the URL for downloading my STEM-based Teachers Manual.


I can provide the files that are on the original SD drive as well as

this CV cut and pasted from my 336 page AirCar Teachers Manual.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

absolutely not. I have degrees in general science, English, Theater, general psychology Science Ed and Ed Psychology (PhD with double major). I have written a book about voal vs the Integral Fast Reactor (IFR) at the Idaho National Lab (Dept of Energy), a textbook for the Dept of Defense Schools (science, Tech and society), a ten year series of articles in science educ journals, etc.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I maintained a closet interest in UFOs all my life but did not revive it and go public while a school administrator for DoDDS Germany and college science coordinator, etc. with LSU/NS program, and so forth. My WWII Mari ne ace got i n trouble with DC for mentioning his WWII (1945) experience in the sky over the Invasion Fleet preparing to invade Japan, and myh classmate wo helped develop the "Jumps" reconnaisance drone for the Army (he's another pilot) told me of seeing a UFO while helping with crop spraying around 1953.

Other Comments

I taught public speaking for Univ of Maryland from 18675 to 1994, and published a ten year series of articles, come are in the manual mentioned in my Manual.

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Reported To: 

George Noory by email


James Peter Louviere

Your Location: 

Austin TX USA



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