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UFO Sighting Report


October, 2013


United Kingdom


UFO cover up UK

Date Reported:

10/5/2013 10:26:44 AM



Appearance / Description of Object(s)

See above

Full Description & Details

Is this Britans Roswell?

Reports of a UFO having crash near a school in a British town started circulating recently and even made the local paper. There were even photos included and a description of the events told. However the newspaper reports went on to reveal it was all a hoax for the local school to provide a a topic for a creative writing day for the children of the School and the jolly local police man even joined in..


People were soon posting comments to the news article online and even joking about people taking it for real.

So all seems fine and happy but there is an undercurrent going on that is not being reported and people secretly point out errors and false facts in the article, photos and other details..

Initial reports of it having been a real UFO have subsided with talk of people being pressured to change their stories or silenced with threats of loss of income, Benefits, job and home.

Reports of 12 inch to 6 inch tall dolls or figures being moved in an ambulance have slowly gone quiet and hushed along with mentions of them having elongated heads. One report which has not been substantiated is that one of the figures had a USA flag on the arm of its clothing.

People point out how there are financial cuts going on everywhere in the United Kingdom and no money exists in schools to stage such acts for the children, when jobs, staff and building cuts are taking place.

Police officers in the United kingdom are not allowed by law to take part in uniformed in such staged events.

A parent is claimed to have built the UFO , staged the crash and pretended to be a forensic officer all in double quick time just to help the children have a creative writing day.

People comment of disinformation going on and posted online. Some say the school angle was staged to cover what really landed elsewhere and during all the attention on the school the real event site was cleared.

People point out that on a slow news day the reports made the local paper yet strangely regional TV and newspapers were quiet. So just what really did happen what really did crash?

People now won't talk or only tow the official line after all Jobs and homes are hard to come by in the United Kingdom right now.

Witness Background

It is not safe, for fecks sake, could cost us our jobs, homes etc...

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trying to get it out on the net before they win and hidde it all