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UFO Sighting Report


July, 4, 2009


Elmira, New York, United States


I was taking pictures during a the 4th of July fireworks and it shows the craft above the plume of the explosion. Although, this was not see with the naked eye due to the flash of the event,, it was one small city block from my original sighting.

Date Reported:

10/28/2013 4:05:32 AM

Sighting Time: 




Description of Area / Surroundings

The first one was following the road flying towards us as we pulled and I got out of the car. the other 2 guys wouldn't get out of the car. One guy we'll call "crack" since he remembers nothing and the other guy we'll call "Sam" as It took me 37 years verifying the original sighting. And 4 years verifying the UFO (firework pic) by a friend in London I did Not Know did Photographic analysis! This person additionally has video footage that I believe was on national television.

Full Description & Details

My original sighting was in 1979 with 2 other friends as I was within 50 ft. of this craft as it hovered above me.

I have a missing time episode in July of 2013 of 2hours and 20minutes. I have had experiences since the 6th grade.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

no chance

Witness Background

I have done all types of work delivery ,sales , home improvements , 15 years of martial arts, ham radio , computer sciences and for the last 5+ years recording paranormal activity. It is my belief, the exposure of my visitations and the paranormal exposure increased my psychic abilities as well as psychokinesis ! I was referred to Mr. Robbins by Mr. Mantle . Please keep this post confidential..

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

Nothing , my interests have always been in music. I have always had a sense of them since the 6th grade sighting.

Other Comments

I have not studied paranormal activity OR Ufology UNTIL being thrown into an extreme amount of Paranormal activity since the 2009 UFO sighting as the paranormal activity started in September of 09 . My ultimate goal would be regression therapy to unblock what I do NOT recall!

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Mark C. Zawko

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