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UFO Sighting Report




Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


I recently viewed a documentary on the Men In Black phenomenon which brought back memories of a strange incident I had while working as a bank teller in the Commercial Business District of Sydney, Australia in the early 1980's. I have never given this much thought over the years, but the description of the MIB in the documentary closely matches what I saw.

Date Reported:

11/7/2013 10:01:47 PM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 



5-8 min

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

No. I do not recall either men wearng black. The normal looking man was dressed in normal attire for that period, a smart shirt and pants. The strange looking man had an unusual scruffy, coarse fabric and oversized tan coloured suit jacket over an oversized business shirt which was buttoned at the neck. No tie. Now for the description, which is as accurate as I can recall. He was very tall and of thin build, about 6'5" to 7'. His head looked about 1.5 times the size of an average human head and the shape was upside down round ovoid. The best match I can give is it looked somewhat like that of a child suffering from progeria but with a rounded rather than pointy chin. He had no hair on any part of his body, including eyebrows, eye lashes, head, fingers. His had no eye lids, top or bottom and his eye sockets were large and pronounced but the eyeballs/eyes looked normal. He never blinked and most likely could not blink. His nose was very flattened and almost non existent, with two nostrils being horizontal elongated jellybean-shaped openings. There were no ear lobes present but there were ear holes. The mouth was small in relation to the head, square shaped and minimal lips, if any. He never closed his mouth and it appeared to remain in a fixed open state. I could not see lower teeth, but the upper teeth were few, perhaps 2 or 3, unusually large 2-2.5cm height and width and concentrated in the centre of the upper mouth. Almost in beak-like fashion. I mentioned no hair, but he was wearing a badly fitting and balding wig with straight blonde coloured hair about 10-15cm long. His skin colour was unusually pale/anaemic, yellowish pink grey. His fingers were very elongate an although full bodied, had prominent thin bone ridges above each segment. There may have been 4 segments instead of 3. He did his best to hide his hands from me except when signing but even then one hand was over the other an most fingers deliberately folded back, out of my sight. His fingernails were fake, they looked like they had been glued on as I could see at least one peeling away from what looked like smooth skin beneath. i.e. no trace of there ever having been a fingernail there. The fingernails looked monochrome and plastic and a little larger than normal. He never uttered any sound that I could hear and looked expressionless but at the same time very aware of what was going on around him. When they were about to leave, his partner looked up to him and said something which I could not understand. The strange looking man looked back at his partner as if talking/understanding but I could not hear any voice/sound. What I initially thought was a burns victim, still has inconsistencies. The strange teeth which were stained and most likely not fake. A "Diplomat" who would never pass the presentation test.

Full Description & Details

During the early 1980's, I was working as a bank teller for the Commercial Bank of Australia (now Westpac Bank ) in a branch on Pitt Street in the heart of the CBD of Sydney.

On one afternoon two men entered the bank and they immediately attracted the attention of all staff who were within their view and other customers who were in the premises.

One of the men looked normal in appearance, being a white but tanned Anglo-Saxon aged about 30-35 and standing about 5'6", but the other stood out as being very unusual and strange. They both looked hesitant, perhaps sensing the reaction of the people around them and some of the staff I worked with became fearful and were reluctant to approach them, fearing a possible bank robbery.

I recall one other teller say to me, "oh my god...you serve them... they look scary" so I went to the counter of my tellers booth and signalled for the men to approach so that I could serve them.

When they moved up to my counter, the strange looking person presented a passbook with a pre-signed withdrawal slip on the counter but said nothing. At this point the other man intervened and said to me he would like to take out some money.

I proceeded to go through the normal checks with the transaction (remaining calm and professional)

and asked for identification to verify the signature on the withdrawal form. The strange man looked confused but with some signalling from his friend, eventually handed over what looked like an official passport. I noticed the photo did not exactly match his appearance, so I asked him to sign the back of the withdrawal form in front of me to see if he could replicate the signature.

He proceeded to perform this task with some difficulty, stooping down over the withdrawal form with his eyes within 20cm from where he was signing. During this process, the other man intervened again, producing ID for himself which looked like an official badge and said he was either from Foreign Affairs/ Federal Police/ Attorney Generals Department (I can't recall which one)

and he then said to me that "He",( the strange looking man), was a Ambassador/Diplomat.

The signature on the re-signed withdrawal form matched that of the Passport so I completed the transaction.

My initial response to the strange looking man when I first saw him was that of pity. I immediately assumed he had some medical/abnormal genetic condition or he had been the victim of severe burns.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

Perhaps an abnormal medical/genetic condition.

Witness Background

I have a background in finance, service, and an interest in science.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I am an open minded sceptic. I tend not to believe anything that cannot be proven or demonstrated.

Other Comments

I have worked in age care and disability care environments since the incident and to date, I have not encountered any patient that closely matches what I saw/experienced.

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