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Project Blue Book Exposed
Kevin D. Randle

For twenty-two years, the Air Force attempted to learn what it could about the phenomena they called UFOs. During those years, they investigated more than twelve-thousand sightings including landings, occupant reports, photographs, radar cases, and intercepts by military jet fighters. In many instances plausible explanations were advanced, but nearly one-thousand sightings were marked as unidentified. These are the cases investigated by Project Blue Book Exposed, and exhaustive study of previously classified files.

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Kevin Randle, a well-known investigator of the Center for UFO Studies, analyses cases from "Project Blue Book," a 22-year long U.S. Air Force study of the UFO phenomenon that ended soon after the 1967 Condon Committee report assessed that the military study of UFOs was unwarranted. Focusing on facts that don't match the official explanation, Randle proposes that the Condon Committee was incorrect: he argues that "Project Blue Book" was not a waste of time and that it actually provided evidence proving the existence of UFOs. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


This exhaustive study of previously classified files concludes that there is more to UFO sightings than the military claims. After investigating Project Blue Book files, the Air Force's UFO study, journalist Kevin Randel found some 4,000 unexplained cases. The author of "The October Scenario" and "The UFO Casebook", Randel has been studying the UFO phenomenon for more than 20 years.


A Strong "Re-evaluation" of Project Blue Book and UFOs...
Reviewer: A reader from Winston-Salem, NC USA

Dr. Kevin Randle is one of a relative handful of UFO investigators who deserves to be taken seriously. A retired Air Force Captain, Randle has spent over a quarter-century investigating UFO sightings, and he has earned a reputation for thorough research and objectivity that is rare in this field of study. Unlike many UFO "True Believers" who treat the subject as a religion and who seem to believe that every UFO sighting is "proof" of alien visitation, Randle isn't afraid to admit that many sightings are hoaxes or otherwise explainable as "normal" phenomena (Birds, Stars, Ball Lightning, etc.), and he is highly skeptical of all UFO "Abduction" reports. However, Randle also believes that the testimony of thousands of competent, reliable, and often well-trained UFO witnesses cannot simply be ignored, and that some UFO sightings are indeed baffling and worthy of serious study by qualified scientists. In "Project Blue Book Exposed", Randle presents one of his best books to date. "Project Blue Book" was the code name for the US Air Force's top-secret investigation of UFO sightings from 1947 to 1969, when it was shut down. At the time the Air Force claimed that its' 22-year investigation had revealed that UFOs were simply hoaxes or natural phenomena, and that UFOs were not from outer space and posed no threat to national security. However, as Randle makes painfully clear in this book, the Air Force's claims were false and misleading. Randle finds dozens of unexplained cases in Blue Book's files, and he discovers that the pressure on Blue Book's staff to explain away every sighting led to the staff often "making up" explanations for sightings out of thin air, without even a brief investigation or interviews with the eyewitnesses. As Randle makes clear, some of the Air Force's "explanations" of various UFO sightings were themselves scientifically implausible, or ran contrary to the evidence contained in the files. Beginning with Kenneth Arnold's famous sighting in June 1947 that "started" the UFO Phenomenon in America, Randle takes several of the most famous UFO cases contained in Project Blue Book's files and re-examines them. His conclusion is that, contrary to Air Force claims, Project Blue Book actually offered strong, convincing evidence that UFOs ARE real, and that something strange was going on in America's skies in the forties, fifties, and sixties, and may still be continuing even today. If you're a UFO "buff", then this book should be a "must" for your personal library, but even if you're a general reader you'll find "Project Blue Book Exposed" to be an insightful and informative account of an important government investigation whose findings - if they are correct - could help answer one of the greatest mysteries of our time.