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UFOs And Popular Culture: An Encycloped Of Contemporary Myth

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Library Journal, 11/1/2000
"...should be included in all UFO collections."

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Are extraterrestrials providing the military with alien technology in exchange for carte blanche abduction rights? Are satanists, extraterrestrials--or both--mutilating cattle? Is the human race the result of a breeding experiment carried out by ancient astronauts? Are Crop Circles the pranks of drunken Englishmen or just alien graffiti? Who, really, are Men in Black, and why are they making movies? UFOs and Popular Culture: An Encyclopedia of Contemporary Mythology examines these questions and more. UFO culture has penetrated America with a vengeance. From religious beliefs and legends to movies and TV shows, from advertising and celebrities to Internet sites and photo ops, this illustrated A-to-Z encyclopedia is your first-stop resource for understanding UFO beliefs and their impact on contemporary America. Among the topics covered:

Music and UFOs
Naked Aliens
Brad Steiger
Heaven's Gate
War of the Worlds
UFO conventions