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CE-5: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind
Richard F. Haines

CE-5" is the ultimate reference of real data on the hottest topic in UFOs. This book documents, explains, and questions nearly 250 UFO incidents from around the world where people have deliberately tried to have contact with UFO phenomena or alien beings and succeeded.

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"CE-5" is the ultimate reference of real data on the hottest topic in UFOs. This book documents, explains, and questions nearly 250 UFO incidents from around the world where people have deliberately tried to have contact with UFO phenomena or alien beings and succeeded.

Excerpted from Ce-5 : Chronicle of Human Initiated Contact by Richard F. Haines. From the Introduction

Almost everyone today has read about (and seen in movies and on television) fantastic accounts and graphic displays of strange flying discs that hover silently, rise up vertically at fantastic speed, and perform breathtaking maneuvers in the air and even below water. We are captivated by their dazzling appearances and antics, and wonder whether they could be real. To many people, these images came only from creative imaginations of UFO fanatics in Hollywood or Sci-Fi... read more

Book Description
Are We Alone in the Universe?

CE-5: a report of deliberate human behavior which was followed by an obvious response from an unidentified object and/or humanoid. The response of the craft or being included effects suggesting its response was not merely coincidental.

CE-5 is the ultimate reference for authentic data on the hottest topic in UFO studies. Each file probes reports where humans around the world have seen and deliberately signalled to unidentified aerial objects or beings. Sometimes the contact results in friendly interaction with the unknown. Other outcomes are more shocking, with consequences of abduction or "medical" examination.

Exhaustively researched and thoroughly referenced, CE-5 was compiled from technical data, research and eyewitness interviews. Enthusiasts, skeptics, and the just plain curious can quantify each case study to reach their own conclusions.

Discover the reality of human-alien interaction: --How valid are eyewitness accounts?

--What best characterizes alien behavior?
--Are aggressive reactions typical of aliens or humans?
--How do aliens communicate?

Richard F. Haines, Ph.D., retired NASA research scientist and former Chief of the Space Humans Factors Office at Ames Research Center, was Assistant Professor of Psychology at San Jose State University before moving to the Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science as Sr. Research Scientist where he conducted advanced R&D on multimedia telecommunications for NASA's International Space Station. He is now employed by RECOM Technology, Inc., and has written five other books and NASA/FAA Technical Reports. He holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Michigan State University.


From the Publisher

"CE-5" is the ultimate reference of real data on the hottest topic in UFOs. This book documents, explains, and questions nearly 250 UFO incidents from around the world where people have deliberately tried to have contact with UFO phenomena or alien beings and succeeded.

Kurt Story, A reviewer, April 5, 1999,
A Very Intriguing Look at CE-5

Generally, I avoid reading UFO books, because they often force the reader to speculate and make rash conclusions. But I enjoyed reading this book, because its neutral tone and structure allows the reader to explore and focus their own thoughts about the CE-5 cases presented. Itís often difficult to draw insight from a random collection of UFO cases, especially if the author is speculative. But as Dr. Haines imposes a rational, uniform structure on the cases presented, the book dissuades speculation, and instead offers useful information for serious thought. If you enjoy thinking about this mystery, I believe you will gain personal insight from reading this book.

Dr. Richard F. Haines, A reviewer, February 26, 1999,
Author says, 'Let the data speak for itself'

I wrote this book first of all for my own education but was so surprised at its message that it should now be shared with others. Don't allow your prior predjudices to get in the way of gaining truth.


Professional and compelling!
Reviewer: Jim Ewart from Seattle, WA USA

CE-5, the newest book by internationally acclaimed UFO expert Richard Haines, Ph.D. (with Steven Greer, M.D., and Mark Rodeghier, Ph.D.), is a professional, riveting, and in places, mind-boggling resource for serious UFO researchers.

For me, reading CE-5 was an absorbing and engrossing experience.

In 435 pages, in two major parts, CE-5 chronologically presents abstracts of 242 of the world's most fascinating UFO sighting reports. Part I discusses apparent communications between witnesses and UFOs; Part II discusses apparent communications between witnesses and alien beings.

But what exactly do you get when you read CE-5? A lot.

Case 14: A disk 1,000 feet in diameter and 12 feet thick was seen by multiple witnesses as it crossed 150 miles of Minnesota countryside over a period of five hours. The moment a witness switched his truck's headlights on, the object changed color from white to red.

Case 35: A witness ran to within about 20 feet of a landed UFO. Two days later he became very ill - reduced body temperature, black vomit, diarrhea with blood in the stool - and two weeks later he died, supposedly from gastroenteritis, although a nearby scientific organization said his symptoms were similar to those caused by a lethal dose of gamma radiation.

Case 39: Two witnesses shined their flashlights at a mysterious aerial object that had landed. The flashlight beams bent up 90 degrees about 18 inches in front of the object.

Case 49: The crew of a US Army tank in Germany, at night, saw a bright UFO flying beneath the overcast. When the object approached, the tank driver flashed the tank's searchlights, and the UFO echoed the flashes. At one point the UFO appeared extremely bright but even then it did not illuminate the clouds above it or the ground beneath it.

Case 75: A medical doctor flashed a 500,000 candlepower spotlight at a UFO, in sequences of three, two, and five flashes. The UFO echoed each sequence, and this apparent communication was witnessed by 39 bystanders.

Case 110: Russian jet fighters intercepted a UFO, fired their machine guns at it, but the UFO zig-zagged and out-maneuvered the interceptors.

Case 183: A police officer drove up to within 40 feet of a landed UFO and saw red lights inside the object. When the police car's headlights finally illuminated the object, the red lights began flashing. Then the police car's engine died and the officer's flashlight failed to work. The officer was unable to account for about 30 minutes of his shift around the time of the sighting.

Case 207: A priest and several dozen other witnesses waved to human-like "people" standing on a UFO that hovered near the mission. The "people" waved back. This apparent communication continued for about three hours.

(Another report in this Part of CE-5 describes a man who jabbed his knife at a "creature's hairy body," only to feel the knife glance off as if it had struck a rock. Still another UFO-related fight involved a young man and a being the witness said "felt like metal." And a South American truck driver fired his pistol at three 13 to 16 feet tall "beings in human form" that exited a landed UFO.)

Case 216: In Italy, a farmer saw a UFO land and then saw three "dwarfs" emerge from it. The farmer, who heard the "dwarfs" talking to each other in an unknown tongue, got his shotgun. It failed to fire when he attempted to pull the trigger, and the gun suddenly felt so heavy that he had to drop it. He felt paralyzed. The "dwarfs" took some of the farmer's rabbits, jumped back into the UFO, and as it flew away, the farmer fired his shotgun at it.

Case 218: (This event is too frightening to describe here, but it is one of the most well-documented UFO-alien-gunfire cases on record.)

Case 223: (This event is also too frightening to detail here. It culminated in the witness' death from leukemia two months later.)

In spite of its often terrifying content, CE-5 reads quickly and easily because its abstracts are short and concise. Abstracts are followed by citations, and often by rhetorical questions or comments. (Those comments helped me see a couple of technical subtleties I'd overlooked.) More references and citations are given at the end of chapters and major parts. The book is indexed and has tables of statistical data.

CE-5 is clearly the best review of the world's most intriguing communications-related UFO reports, all condensed to essentials and accompanied by photos, sketches, and diagrams. (Even though I've been an avid UFO researcher since 1947 and have read about 125 books on the subject, most of CE-5's reports were new to me.)

But while I think CE-5 is vital reading for most adults, I also think its reports are too frightening for elderly people susceptible to stroke or heart attack, and for children.

(To underscore my concern here, please understand that I'm a military veteran, a pilot, I'm well grounded in the physical sciences, and I'm a technical researcher and writer -- see -- but I confess that I found myself _quite_ disturbed by several CE-5 reports.)

In summary, CE-5 is more than a compelling and often stunning series of UFO reports. It is also more than an enormous feat of technical research by Drs. Haines, Greer, and Rodeghier.

My hope is that the public and the scientific community will soon recognize CE-5 for what it really is, the most professional contribution yet toward understanding and solving this century's greatest scientific mystery.