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UFO Case Report:

Close-range sighting of small disc-shaped object w/ dome on top

Date: , 1993
Location: Melbourne, Australia

"It was only a meter or so in length. It was also shaped like the quintessential image of a UFO, a round flat disc with a small dome on the top. So ludicrously like something you'd see in a looney tune cartoon i felt like an idiot telling my friends what I had seen, and indeed none believed me."

Classification & Features

Type of Case/Report: RawReport
Hynek Classification: ND
Shape of Object(s): Disc

Full Report / Article

Source: UFOEvidence.org

Original report submitted to Ufoevidence.org.


The strange object was seen moving towards our car, passing us by and continuing in the opposite direction, just above the street lights.

Date Posted: 7/16/2005 4:01:48 AM

Sighting Time: 8:30 pm
Day/Night: Nighttime
Duration: approx six or seven seconds

No. of Witnesses: 1
Urban or Rural: suburban
No. of Object(s): Single

Size of Object(s): approx a meter long
Distance to Object(s): 12 meters away
Shape of Object(s): disc with dome on top
Color of Object(s): black, opaque, see through with neon white edges

Full Description & Details

I don't even believe in UFO's, but when I was a young girl coming home from an evening with friends by the river at Warrandyte, Melbourne, I saw something I could not explain. Admittedly I had had a few beers, but whatever I saw seemed realer than any hallucination I could have conjured.

I was sitting in the back seat of a friend's car. in the middle seat, looking through the front windscreen. No one else was looking in the same place as I was. The driver was concentrating on the road. The other passengers chatting amoungst themselves. I saw something barrelling towards us just above the line of streetlights from the other direction. It was heading in our direction but was above us naturally. Very quickly it had passed above our car and continued following the line of streetlights away from us. I ducked my head and struggled to watch it pass over us, and into the rear windscreen and continued to watch it as it went from view. I did try to point it out to other passengers in the car but it all happened quickly enough that i could not articulate properly where to look without missing myself the thing. I was transfixed.

It was not big. It was actually suprisingly small, being very low to earth, the road, I would have to say it was only a meter or so in length. Too small to inhabit people. It was also shaped like the quintessential image of a UFO. a round flat disc with a small dome on the top. So ludicrously like something you'd see in a looney tune cartoon i felt like an idiot telling my friends what i had seen, and indeed none believed me.

What was most unusual about this object was a: the speed and precision at which it moved, it hovered so expertly, so smoothly above the lights as if it were following an invisible road, and went quite fast, and b: it was opaque, see through, it was as though the night sky could be seen through the object - it was black like the night sky, the only reason i could see it was because - and this is the hardest thing to explain - the edges of the object were glowing, like neon, in white sometimes color. The edges of the disc were like this in a sphere, but the dome was hardest to explain, although technically the shape of it should logically rule out being able to form a neon edge - somehow i could see the surface of the dome in neon white and color alternately - it was as if it was made from some strange plastic that was see through but had a sheen to its surface.

It would have been almost invisible at night to identify and i only saw this thing because i had the luck of looking directly at its point of appearance and then followed it through trying to figure out what the hell it was!!!

I have often wondered if what i saw was maybe some strange reflection of the street lights, but it was just so particularly detailed and to this day i can describe what i saw clearly.

Personal Background

I am now a mother, casual worker and a student studying for my master of Arts. Writer and artist.

Reported Sighting? No
Name: Melissa
Location: Melbourne
Age: 33

Case ID: 331 edit: 331

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