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UFO Case Report:

Large, bright, silver/white saucer-shaped craft passes over field

Date: May, 1966
Location: Greenbush, Ohio, United States

Felt humming vibration that woke my brother and I up. We both looked out our bedroom window and saw a large bright silver/white saucer shaped craft pass very low over our south soy bean field. Object was as large as this 25 acre field.

Classification & Features

Type of Case/Report: RawReport
Hynek Classification: ND
Special Features/Characteristics: Physical Trace, Humanoid/Occupant, Humming

Full Report / Article

Source: UFOEvidence.org


Felt humming vibration that woke my brother and I up. We both looked out our bedroom window and saw a large bright silver/white saucer shaped craft pass very low over our south soy bean field. Object was as large as this 25 acre field.

Date Posted: 3/21/2005 9:05:54 AM

Sighting Time: Aprox 1 to 2 AM
Day/Night: Nighttime
Duration: 7 to 10 Seconds
No. of Witnesses: 2
Urban or Rural: Rural
No. of Object(s): Single

Size of Object(s): covered 25 acres
Distance to Object(s): 100-150 feet
Shape of Object(s): disk
Color of Object(s): luminous silver/white

Full Description & Details

I was approximately 12 to 13 years old, living in rural Ohio. We lived on a 101 acre farm, surrounded by other larger and smaller farms.We raised soy beans. My brother and I shared one the 2nd story bedrooms, which had a window facing south overlooking a 25 acre soy bean field.

One night my brother awakened me and asked if I felt an odd humming sensation, which I did. Then we both saw light appearing outside of our window. We both jumped up and ran to the window. We both saw a large saucer shaped craft, It covered the entire 25 acre field,was going from West to East very slowly (approx. speed 10-15 miles per hour) It's altitude was approximately 15-20 feet over our field. From our vantage point on the 2nd story we saw a side view of this craft (it was approx the size or height of our 2 story house) This craft was very bright luminous silver/white in color. The south field was about 50-60 feet from our house. At the most, this craft was approximately, 100-150 feet from us. We could see what appeared to be portals with creatures that appeared to be facing and staring at us. The craft slowly covered the distance of this South field and then when it started going over our 2nd 25 acre field directly East, it accelerated at an extremely hight rate of speed, going at a 40 degree angle. At which time we could see the perfectly round shape of this craft as it accelerated to a very high altitude (it appeared no biger than a bright star). It then did a 150 degree reversal, then a 70 degree angle towards our back fields. All of this accelerated activity taking no more than 1-2 seconds!! We woke our parents up and they found this very hard to believe telling us to get to bed so that we could get up for school.

The next day they had reports all over the place about this low flying object. On TV, Radio and the newspapers. Some lover lane couples in Milford, Ohio said that it was flying so low that it broke tree branches.

Within 3 days of this incident, an officer from Project Blue Book came to our farm and wanted to interview us. Our parents refused. He told them that our neighbors directly east of us reported this same craft and said that it had landed in their back field, just directly East of our last field. When we went back there that same day there was a large, circular depression, that appeared to be slightly burnt and covered almost the entire 25 acre field. Many people were there, some taking pictures.

What I find odd about this incident, is that young teenage boys would just go back to bed and immediately go to sleep?? After just seeing a UFO??

Also, I have not been able to find any other information on these sightings?? If you read this and know of this sighting, please report it here.

Personal Background

College educated, carrying a 3.79 grade point average throughout. Currently working in the Interior Design Contracting Field.

Other Comments

If you have any information about this incident, please contact me.

Reported Sighting? Yes
Reported To: parents
Name: Robert A. Carter
Location: Phoenix, Az
Age: 50

Case ID: 337 edit: 337

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