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UFO Case Report:

Airline pilots observe fast-moving, disc-shaped UFO over Arkansas

Date: March 20, 1950
Location: Stuttgart, Arkansas, United States

Chicago & Southern Airlines Capt. Jack Adams and First Officer G. W. Anderson, Jr., were flying a commercial DC-3, when they saw an object approaching the airliner at high speed. It appeared to be circular (disk-shaped), with a diameter of approximately 100 feet. The bottom side appeared to have 9 to 12 symmetrical oval or circular portholes. Capt. Adams estimated the speed to be in excess of 1000 mph.

Sketch by Capt. Jack Adams.

Illustration of the object, from top-angle and bottom-angle views.

First Officer G. W. Anderson (left) and Captain Jack Adams.

Classification & Features

Type of Case/Report: StandardCase
Hynek Classification: DD
Shape of Object(s): Disc
# of Witnesses: Multiple
Special Features/Characteristics: Pilot/Aircrew, Portholes/Windows, Witness Sketch, Witness Photo

More Articles on this Case

FLYING Magazing article: UFO sighting by pilots Adams and Anderson

Curtis Fuller, FLYING Magazine, July 1950 (credit: Project 1947)

Excerpt from the 1950 article in FLYING magazine, discussing the sighting by Capt. Jack Adams and First Officer G.W. Anderson.  R

Full Report / Article

Source: U.S. Air Force Project Blue Book Special Report #14 (Battelle Institute Study), 1955

On March 20, 1950, a Reserve Air Force Captain and an airlines Captain were flying a commercial airlines flight. At 21:26, the airline Captain directed the attention of the Reserve Air Force Captain to an object which apparently was flying at high speed, approaching the airliner from the south on a north heading. The Reserve Air Force Captain focused his attention on the object. Both crew members watched it as it passed in front of them and went out of sight to the right. The observation, which lasted about 25 to 35 seconds, occurred about 15 miles north of a medium-sized city. When the object passed in front of the airliner, it was not more than 1/2 mile distant and at an altitude of about 1000 feet higher than the airliner.

The object appeared to be circular, with a diameter of approximately 100 feet and with a vertical height considerably less than the diameter, giving the object a disk-like shape. In the top center was a light which was blinking at an estimated 3 flashes per second. This light was so brilliant that it would have been impossible to look at it continuously had it not been blinking. This light could be seen only when the object was approaching and after it had passed the airliner. When the object passed in front of the observers, the bottom side was visible. The bottom side appeared to have 9 to 12 symmetrical oval or circular portholes located in a circle approximately 3/4 of the distance from the center to the outer edge. Through these portholes came a soft purple light about the shade of aircraft line without spinning. Considering the visibility, the length of time the object was in sight, and the distance from the object, the Reserve Air Force Captain estimates the speed to be in excess of 1000 mph.


Entry on this case from Brad Sparks' "Catalog of 1,500 Project Blue Book Unknowns":

March 20 [22? 31?], 1950. 40 miles E of Little Rock, N of Stuttgart, Ark. 9:26 [9:29?] p.m. Chicago & Southern Airlines Capt. Jack Adams and First Officer G. W. Anderson, Jr., flying a DC-3 at 2,000 ft heading W from Memphis to Little Rock, saw a 100 ft flat cylinder-section circular disc [or body of object not visible?], width/diameter ratio about 1:4.5, with 9-12 [or 7?] bright white lights or "portholes" along the lower side emitting a soft purple [?] light, and a blinding blue-white center light at the top which flashed 3 times in 9 secs [or 3/sec ??], fly at 700-1,000 mph [or 1,000+ mph?] from the S headed N, passing to their right at about 1/2 mile distance about 1,000 ft higher altitude. (Battelle Unknown No. 11; Project 1947; Ruppelt)

Case ID: 677 edit: 677

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