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UFO Case Report:

Three bright lights follow close by the side of the car

Date: , 1974
Location: Jackson, Mississippi, United States

Far ahead, just above treetop level, there were three very bright lights that were positioned like landing lights on a commercial jet. The two outer lights were like the ones on a jet's wings, and the center at a slighty higher position, like the nose landing light.

Classification & Features

Type of Case/Report: RawReport
Hynek Classification: NL

Full Report / Article

Source: UFO Evidence
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Full Description & Details

Reading the recent reports of a triangle shaped object prompted me to write this. In the summer of 1974 around July 4th, I went with a college friend to visit his parents in Lexington , Mississippi. One of his cousins and her friend from the L.A. area of California had also come in for the visit. They were returning to California on a late night flight out of the Jackson airport, so my friend and I drove them to the Jackson airport. After we dropped them off at the terminal, we headed back to Lexington. There was a road that ran adjacent to the Jackson airport that lead to the highway back to Lexington, and we were driving on this road. Far ahead, just above treetop level, there were three very bright lights that were positioned like landing lights on a commercial jet. The two outer lights were like the ones on a jet's wings, and the center at a slighty higher position, like the nose landing light.

We friend and I both observed the lights because of their brightness. I said they must be landing lights. We continued driving down this road and became even more curious because the lights hadn't moved at all. That ruled out their being on a jet so my friend said they must be on the sides and top of a large water tower. We came to a stop sign and needed to turn left. The lights were directly in front of us, maybe 50-100 feet above the treetops, in this heavily wooded area. There were no street lights or buildings around and it was very quiet. We had the windows rolled down in the car and the radio was not turned on.

We sat there looking at the lights wondering what they could be. They were so bright that you couldn't see what was behind them or what they were connected to, much like when you approach a parked car in a dark area and it has its headlights on. You can't see the car at all, only the bright headlights.

My friend was driving and went ahead to make the left turn. The road we were turning onto was a four lane, divided road with a dirt and grass median between the lanes. He pulled across the two lanes that were headed in the opposite direction, across the median area, and then turned left onto the shoulder of the lanes we needed to use. He then stopped the car with the foot brake and sat there with the engine idling. Now the lights were on my right, as passenger in the car. I stared out the window at them and started to become a little frightened because this was unlike anything I'd ever seen. After a short time, my friend took his foot off the brake and started idling slowly down the shoulder.

After we had rolled only 5-10 feet, the lights suddenly rotated towards us to stay pointed directly at the side of the car, but slightly behind the car. After the rotation, they started moving beside the car, at the same speed we were going, and maintaining the position slighly behind. As soon as the rotation occurred and the lights were moving along with the car, I went into a heart pounding panic. I was so afraid of what might happen next, because the object behind the lights was big -- maybe 80-100 feet from the left most light to the right most. And the silence, precision and complete lack of vibration in its movement was unlike anything I had ever seen. I urged my friend to step on the gas and get the hell away, but he hesitated as he craned his neck to look out of the passenger side window. After what seemed like an eternity, he pulled onto the main part of the road and accelerated. As soon as he accelerated, the lights stopped moving, but they slowly rotated to always point directly at the car. I had my head out the passenger window so I could watch it carefully because I was so terrified it would follow us. After we had gone about 500 feet down the road, the lights started moving across the road, always staying rotated to aim at us. The movement was slow, precise and vibration free. When they reached the stand of trees on the opposite side of the road from where we had begun our acceleration, they went down smoothly and disappeared into the trees. At this point, of course, I got a little courage back and urged my friend to turn around and go back to see if we could see anything. He agreed, but we had to drive further until we got to a crossover the median. We then turned and headed back. I watched the area like a hawk during the entire time, but never saw anything else.

When we got back to the median crossover that we had used originally after the stop sign, we stopped on the shoulder before turing around. I peered into the trees but saw nothing. So we turned around at the crossover and headed back toward Lexington. I watched out the back of the car until we got back to Lexington but saw nothing else.

Neither my friend nor myself had anything to drink and didn't use any drugs. We were completely clear headed and lucid when all this occurred.

Date Posted: 8/4/2004 12:21:10 PM
Day/Night: Nighttime
Duration: 10-15 minutes
No. of Witnesses: 2
No. of Object(s): Single

Personal Background

Studied music and music recording at University of Texas, Austin, and Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY. Professional audio engineer for 28 years. Have been on staff at NPR, Washington, DC; WETA-TV/FM (PBS), Washington, DC; Telarc International, Cleveland, OH. Very technology and scientifically oriented, as well as having been a musician and music recording professional.

Other Comments

I have both a desire and a fear of seeing one close-by again. I had a abduction dream in about 1989, but I'm fairly certain it was just a dream.

Reported Sighting? Yes
Reported To: FAA approach control center at time of event. Years later to NUFORC.
Location: Cleveland, OH
Age: 50

Case ID: 77 edit: 77

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