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UFO Case Report:

Triangular craft hovering over I-70 in OH

Date: July 24, 2004
Location: Lewisburg, Ohio, United States

The object was triangular in shape, but not a perfect triangel. The nose was more narrow, then it contoured out. There were two lights on the outer "wings" that blinked in sync about once per second. The front of the craft put off a decently bright glow, but was not a beam of light.

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Type of Case/Report: RawReport
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Shape of Object(s): Triangle

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Source: NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center)
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3:00:00 AM
Lewisburg, OH
5-7 minutes

Triagular craft hovering over I-70 in OH

Me and two friends were returning from a visit to Cincinnati. We were traveling west on I-70. it was slightly rainy out, but not enough to obstruct your view too much. I'm not sure where we were the first spotting, but it wasn't far out of Dayton. My friends both saw it and pointed it out. It was maybe a mile up in the air and was triangular in shape. I only saw a glimpse of it, but it appears to be illuminated. The whole ship was lit up in a light blue/white glow. It passed us pretty quick and we kinda shook it off as a plane in town for the air show at Wright Patterson this weekend.

We proceded to drive down the interstate when my two friends pointed again at an object in the distance. We were near the Lewisburg, OH exit. It was only a light at this point, but it was dead ahead of us. We kept driving towards the light, which never seemed to move. It wasn't going left of right. So I assumed it was flying in the same direction as us. The closer we got, the more you could make out of the craft. Again, it was triangular in shape. But not a perfect triangle. The nose was more narrow, then it contoured out, but difinetely triangular in shape. There were two lights on the outer "wings" that blinked in sync about once per second. The front of the craft put off a decently bright glow, but was not a beam of light. I can't estimate the exact size of the object. It was bigger then a stealth bomber, but not by too much. It wasn't very tall either. Very flat in appearence. It couldn't have been more then 10-15 feet tall. The only way I know it wasn't a stealth bomber is it wasn't jagged in the back. I've seen the stealth upclose, and I can definetely say it wasn't one.

We continued to get closer to the object, and as we did we started to realize the craft wasn't moving. We slowed down pretty good as we got within a half mile or so from it. By now, you could see that it was maybe 500 feet in the air and was simply hovering. We could now also see the underneath part of the craft. This to me was the most significant part. The ship appeared to be facing us, and on the front underneat part was the light. After that there was a narrow and long opening, rectangular, that was lit up. Not brightly, but enough to tell that you were looking into the craft. I'm not sure what was inside the opening, but to me it looked like red pipes are bars of some sort that were red in color. This also made it seem like it put off a red hue with the white light around it.

We slowed down to around 40mph while we drove under it. I hung my head out the window and looked up at the craft, which was posistioned directly in the median off the interstate. I couldn't hear anything, but then again I was driving down the insterstate with the wind in my ear. I also happen to be deaf in one ear, so not hearing anything didn't suprise me much. I didn't even really think about that fact until later anyhow. All the traffic seemed to be slowed down with us. No one passed us and the semi ahead of us wasn't pulling away from us either. I think everyone was looking as close as they could at this unexplainable object.

I wanted to pull over, but I was hesitant too. I had two females with me, and they were a bit spooked by this, as was I. After we went under it we watched it as best as we could. We decided we had to have another look. We sped up to the next exit and turned around. I drove about 80mph to get back to the spot. It wasn't long before we realized the ship was gone. And then I realized I did something pretty stupid. I had my camera phone on me the whole time, I just never thought of it. I will never forgive myself for not thinking of it. But I was so in shock that it just slipped my mind.

I can only really give you credible background for myself. The two girls I was with I've only known a short time. I believe they are good people. And I know they saw what they saw seeing as I was there with them. As for myself, I've always been a believer in the paranormal. I've always believed there is life outside this planet or solar system. I've listened to Art Bell many times. I've watched anything UFO or alien related I came accross. I even went as far as to have a tattoo of a cartoon alien in a spaceship made of wood on my arm. I'm sure all this leads you to believe me less on this story, and that really doesn't matter to me. I know what I saw. I never in the world would believe I'd see something like this. And knowing a thing or two about UFO's made me think that even more. I mean why would it happen to someone who would love to see such a thing? I can only say that I'm an honest hard working 32 yr old American man. I don't lie, cheat, or steal. I've never made up a story in my life for attention, and I frown upon those who do. I know what I saw, and what I saw was a huge craft hovering in thin air.

I haven't reported this to any local authorities. I really don't know what I would say when I called to report it. I'd think they would think I'm just some drunk guy seeing things. But it does so happen that one of the girls mother is a corrections officer at the county jail. We're waiting for her to return to work this week and inquire about any UFO sightings reported.

Case ID: 83 edit: 83

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