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UFO Case Report:

Illinois couple witness flying triangle directly over their home

Date: October 20, 2006
Location: Highland, Illinois, United States

On October 23, 2006, the investigator received a phone call from a southern Illinois resident who reported that he and his wife witnessed an unidentified flying object at 4:50am on Friday, October 20, 2006. At one point, the object, a distinct triangle, emerged over the roof of their house and directly over their heads. The object was estimated to be 120 feet altitude.

Witness Sketch of October 20, 2006 UFO, Bottom View, (Inverted, enhanced)

Witness Sketch of October 20, 2006 UFO, Rear View (Inverted, enhanced)

Sighting Location Photograph, composited with witness rendering of object as it passed directly over his home approximately 120 feet altitude. (Position and size of UFO estimated by witness, November 22, 2006.)

Sighting Location Photograph: Facing east, the UFO appears to descend. Witness first observed object at point 'A', then appearing to be a low flying airplane or helicopter. At point 'B', the object appears more unusual and a strong beam of light is observed projecting directly ahead of the object. At point 'C', the object has reached its lowest observed altitude during its approach to the witness's home. (Position of UFO verified by witness, November 22, 2006.)

Classification & Features

Type of Case/Report: StandardCase
Hynek Classification: CE1
Shape of Object(s): Triangle
# of Witnesses: Multiple
Special Features/Characteristics: Witness Sketch

Full Report / Article

Source: Darryl Barker
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On October 23, 2006, I received a phone call from a southern Illinois resident who reports that he and his wife witnessed an unidentified flying object at 4:50am on Friday, October 20, 2006. The witness's home is located just south of Highland, Illinois, in an open, rural setting. The couple's home is surrounded by open farm land.

At approximately 4:50am, the male witness (hereafter referred to as 'L'), was preparing to do a morning jog and stood at the window of his kitchen in his house located a few miles south of Highland, Illinois. As he stood looking out the window, facing east, he observed a bright light approaching his residence. 'L' noted that the object projected a beam of white light ahead of it, similar to an aircraft headlight or helicopter spotlight and the beam of light distinctly shot forward of the object a good distance.

As the object moved closer to his home, 'L' moved to an adjacent eastward facing door and watched as the object continued to approach. Now the object, brightly lit, was nearly over 'L's' house and he rushed to wake his wife (hereafter referred to as 'M'). The couple quickly moved to the front door of their house to see the object and to their surprise, found nothing in sight. Momentarily, 'L' doubted what he saw until the object, a distinct triangle, emerged over the roof of their house and directly over their heads. The object was estimated to be 120 feet altitude.

Shape: The UFO was triangular. Approx. 30 feet thick (viewed from side).

Size: Approximately the size of a commercial airliner.

Lighting: Visible on the undersurface were approximately 10-15 large, white, rectangular lights. 'L' reported that the lights were the "brightest" lights he had ever seen; brighter than what one would would observe when watching aerial fireworks explode for a Fourth of July celebration. A red light was observed at the nose, which formed a point at the fore of the triangle. As the craft moved to the west, lights could be observed at the aft of the object and they were white, green and red.

Speed: The object moved with extreme slowness, approximated 20 miles per hour.

Altitude: Approximately 120 feet, a fairly accurate estimate based on reference to a local grain silo which is 60 feet high. The object was estimated by both witnesses to be only twice the height of referenced silo.

Sound: A very slight 'hissing' sound, akin to the sound of running water. It should be noted that the witness, 'L' explained that in the area where he lives, a farm community, sound travels extremely well. A car can be heard from miles away; a person talking in a normal speaking volume can be heard a good distance. This is true and has been noted as well by this reporter, who also has lived in a rural environment. As a result, the decibel level of the craft over the heads of the witnesses was perplexing; it could barely be heard. This is all the more unusual considering the extremely low altitude of the object (approx.120 feet).

Trajectory: The object approached form the east and moved slowly to the west of the witnesses home and sailed beyond a neighboring farmhouse and over the tree line.

Length of observation: 3-4 minutes.

Before the object went out of sight, 'L's' wife, 'M', returned inside the house to attend to one of their children. 'L' then re-entered the house.


Second Observation:

'L' then decided to go ahead with his morning jog. Some 40 minutes later, 'L' reached a curve in the country road and then again witnessed an object.

Distance: Approximated to be 7 miles away.

Appearance: Brightly lighted object. 'L' felt this was the same object he witnessed over his home.

Position relative to first sighting: Northwest.

Trajectory: After viewing the object for a moment, the UFO, from a near stationary position, shot suddenly to the north and vanished. A streak of multi-colored light was reported by the witness as the object moved at what appeared to be tremendous speed.

Primary Witness Comments:

Never saw anything that moved that slow or that fast.

Brightest lights I have ever seen.

Felt that the object may have rested (or moved extremely slowly) over their home while he woke his wife as the object was expected to be past the house upon their exiting the front door; yet it appeared after they exited, which created some feeling of consternation.

If it's military, why the bright lights? If it's military, why was it flying right over the top of the witness's house at 120 feet altitude?

Low level of noise from the object was highly unexpected.

Second Witness Comment:

'L's' wife, 'M' was also interviewed and the sighting was confirmed. She stated that the experience was disturbing.


Initial Summary: A visit by the investigator was made to the Highland, Illinois location on November 1, 2006. It was ascertained by the investigator that the couple was genuine and that this was not a hoax. The couple's home, in what is clearly open land, made it all the more apparent that this flyover by the UFO was with intent. The physical distance between inhabited homes in the area is substantial and the fact that the object moved slowly over the couple's home is without mistake, an intelligently plotted course. The primary witness is open as to the object's origin; be it military black op or genuine UFO.

Similarities to the January 5, 2000 sighting over Highland, Illinois by Mr. Melvern Noll have been noted.

On 11/25/06 the witness revised the estimated altitude of the object. Originally guessed to be 500 feet high, both witnesses agreed that the UFO was only twice the height of a nearby grain silo of 60 feet height, placing the aircraft at 120 feet altitude. Any aircraft flying over a private residence at this altitude should sound the alarm for the Federal Aviation Administration.


Copyright 2006 Darryl Barker Productions

Case ID: 959 edit: 959

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