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Philip Edwards
2/9/2009 4:29:11 AM

Alien Discoveries

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subject: Alien Discoveries

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3/19/2009 8:46:14 AM

I am a member at Bigfoot-lives, and we have a few members (19). I put some serious time in there to discuss the bigfoot theories..and as a witness to UFOs..Bigfoot and as a believer in God...I feel that some real important answers reside on mars. I have some links on the site that show what I am driving at. I do believe in martians (isn't that what we have been trained to believe?). I put serious time in there and love to discuss UFOs as well as bigfoot.
Anyways..one particular statue head found on Mars looks to me , after some computer puzzle work, to be a bigfoot head. In my mind...Bigfoot is an alien or ancestor that holds clues to our origin. Please come make friends and talk about this(UFO) site there. This is a discovery that can help both sites. bigfoot-lives. I love this UFO site and feel we can all be friends. Good work on this site.

Philip Edwards
3/21/2009 3:46:46 AM


Thanks for the invite, I will visit your site and yes I believe Bigfoot could be an alien species.

Philip Edwards
3/21/2009 4:31:15 AM

Blue MountainTracker.

There is a new book available called 'My Brother is a Hairy Man' By Ida M Kannenberg and Lee Trippett. It considers that Bigfoot might be an alien, you can buy the book from- http://www.experiencers.net

3/22/2009 12:59:34 AM

the secrecy about bigfoot is almost the same as the ufo conspiracy, some people see it and some dont, because other people see it and you dont, cause some people to scratch their heads lol, but yes i believe that there is something to bigfoot. it's a shame that there is'nt more evidence of them , i did hear that some experts are saying that the male has lost his mate at sometime.
it makes me wonder if they did come from the stars, their life is a mystery isnt it?.

3/22/2009 6:54:18 AM

Consider this: Most ancient texts, including the Bible, refer to our alien ancestors as giants (Nephilim in the ancient Hebrew). I accept that hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Nephilim geneticallly altered the DNA of early Man by splicing their own genes onto his Code. Many results ensued over the centuries. Finally, they encoded Homo Erectus with the power to reproduce, since most "clones" or hybrids are infertile. I believe that is what is referred to in the Bible as the Tree of Life (they added additional branches, see?) Neanderthal was the result. Simultaneously, Cro Magnon Man appears. He is the beginning of Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Intelligent Man) They accomplished this by adding still another "branch" to the double helix. This, I believe, is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil referred to in the Bible. No one has ever been able to explain the sudden and simultaneous (very un-evolutionary) appearance of Cro Magnon. As for the Missing LInk? Better look skyward. Anyway, since then we have become capable of anything we can imagine -- much to the dismay of some of the Nephilim.
At any rate, perhaps some of these early renditions of Man are still lurking out there in the form of Big Foot. What a great genetic find that would be. Also, I find it interesting that they prefer the higher latitudes since according to Sumerian "myth," which I think is not really myth, the latitude of 30 degrees North and South was given to Ea (who was the main God that gave life to Man) or as I like to think --the Chief Science Officer.
Any thoughts?

4/3/2009 11:30:50 PM

Chief Science Officer?

Ok-I will tell my story, rant a little and ask a question or 2 of Nasa

A few years back I saw a Bigfoot fly(on a anti-gravity craft of some sort-resembling 3 red hippity hops).
He was flying with a dead dog attached by a rope.
I spent several minutes with this experience. I drove down the road-took a left-half a mile to smith rd, left and stopped ahead of this creature. I saw its face and its head shape. It was a bigfoot looking creature.It could have been one of those ATF officers(dress in black), but pretty sure it was not.
shortly after-I had numerous UFO encounters-and heard screams for months at a time at night(2 years in a row)
After seeing this and hearing the screams-I became fascinated-still am. I found two prints-human looking-1 foot 4 inches long.

Since that time-I am pretty renegade to the BS out there on almost any subject, period. I only know from experience that what I saw was not the USUAL thing.
Seems...that Time Travel hits the spot when talking of all these subjects, but I am on that line of 'The evidence trail'. Seems that the HUMAN SOUL has more properties than we think. We might have been intellegently designed, integrated and maybe we have the ability to see into 'Portals' where the BF creature travels-who knows?

I think we all been here before. This I have no doubt.
Go ahead now--say I am crazy. Maybe I am

To get a look at what I saw(filmed 1 month before my sighting)-do a net search(keywords are:) Flying Humanoid-Rense.com...the one on the red flying object. Look like BF to you?This is what I saw.I have drawings on some sight-I will look for them.

I truly believe-that this is the chief science officer you speak of.

It is possible-not saying it is...that this is God. I am just a dumb human looking for answers. No one ever found proof of God(Bigfoot has this in common with our chief officer).He did say he created man in his image...so...hmmmm

on 08/22/06- I had a spiritual awakening. I thought I was seeing a falling star. Instead- it was an upclose UFO encounter. All of a sudden I feel that I am at ease and know what to expect. The truth is near. I expect another visit in 2012. This 2 I am sure of.

Something I want to ask Nasa after seeing the 'Railroad tie' pic on mars: What the F%#@ are you &%$cks hiding?Nuclear mistakes? seems obvious that your experiments went bad.
I believe in God...so what ever is up-I am sure he is on it. Nothing gets past him! I rest at ease living in BF country that I have nothing to worry about. As for the UFO's...

Beam me up-The wait is killing me.

4/27/2009 2:59:39 PM

I have never had a Bigfoot encounter but I have done somewhat extensive research on it out of interest and I have come to conclude that I don't believe it is the Missing Link of mankind with absolute certainty. For one thing, Bigfoot is too tall for a being that we originated from, a 6ft person was considered a giant back in the middle ages (1,200 - 1,500 BC) It doesn't add up to the size of Bigfoot but we do share similar characteristics and body structure in the modern day. I suspect that it may be a being from another planet/and or dimension just like most of you do. The fact that it doesn't reveal itself to us often and has only shown itself to a select few since recorded history points to it either being afraid of us or wants to test and see how far we are willing to go to find out what it is for a good intent or a bad one.

Another thing to take into account is the fact that its body is mostly covered up in hair, meaning that if it is truly from Mars and with Mars being a cold planet that tells a great deal about why its so hairy, perhaps it needs all that hair to keep warm while at the same time withstanding the cold more than we can. It isn't so unbearable for the Bigfoot.

Also, aliens themselves may be spiritual creatures (or atleast some species) and from some reports I've heard of Bigfoot being shot at and having the bullet seem to not penetrate it further points backs up that theory.

I may not have encountered a Bigfoot but I have encountered many paranormal activities that can't be explained with normal perception. One of them was seeing a dark floating being hovering a few feet from my bed as I awoke, then a few seconds later it disappears. Ofcourse I was half asleep and without my glasses but I haven't seen it since and it has been almost a year. I never saw anything like that prior to that time either. It is apparent to me that it was a spiritual creature. So these things we see and think ourselves as crazy may not mean we actually are, we may in fact be seeing these things and sometimes they may not be aware of our presence just like we aren't aware of theirs. These beings aren't fictional just because science can't explain their existence, there is more ways of life and beliefs than the scientific ways. It seems like the majority of society has forgotten this.

I believe the true nature and identity of these beings will be revealed when God feels the time is right...until then we can only speculate and try to discover the truth ourselves which at the same time having the truth find us.

5/5/2009 5:18:15 AM

This is for your own good: When you say something like, "a 6ft person was considered a giant back in the middle ages (1,200 - 1,500 BC) you lose credibility. The Middle Age occurred from the fall of the Roman Empire c 479 AD to the division of European Christianity c 1400 AD. During the years you mentioned Greece was not yet at its height, the 19th Dynasty of pharoahs in Egypt were the most powerful empire and the earliest writing in China appeared. You are thousands of years off.

And where do you get the notion that a 6 ft person was considered a "giant"? Tall, yes; giant, no.

Saying things like this tells us that what you call research must be flawed as well since your understanding of basic history seems shaky.

You can't build a solid theory, like your Bigfoot, on a foundation of knowledge that is full of holes. Sorry.

  Replies 1 - 8 (out of 8 total)

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