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2/23/2009 9:43:50 AM

Socorro NM-1964

While I had no problem envisioning a spacecraft incorporating antigravity and rocket technology (albeit in advanced form), I was stumpted as to how the UFO could have departed apparenttly without using the rocket, (Officer Zamora saying it flew off with no flames or noise). I was perplexed. Then I realized where the answer lay. The earth rotates about its axis at about one thousand miles per hour. If the craft was hovering weighless, there would have been no gravitational attraction between it and the earth, so the surface of the earth would pass under the craft at some 1,000 mph. In other words, the vessel didn't move, the earth did, .eliminating the need for the craft to use its rocket!! Officer Zamora testified it disappeared as it crossed over Box Canyon, 6 miles away. For an object the size of the Socorro UFO that's at the upper limit of average human vision, so that tallies nicely. Also, a reconstruction of the event showed the UFO reached Box Canyon in about 20 seconds, which corresponds to a speed of 1,000 mph

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3/19/2009 8:50:34 PM

Interesting,Joe. Do you have more?

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