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subject: Post from Dr. Roy U. Mena re: Evolution of Solar System

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Scott Johansen
1/22/2004 8:51:05 PM

Iv'e been reading Robert ,Doc should I take the time to try this out with the 8 1/2 paper and all or is this a joke? I'll trust your opinion.

Also LOIS, You seem to have an incredibly nice personality and I wanted to give you my welcome as well to the forum. Also .....That teacher should be shot.

That's all for me tonight guys I'm Beat.


1/22/2004 11:11:31 PM

I'd say yet another kid or maybe even worse adult trying to compensate inferiority complexes by imposting someone who is either an alien or has at least access to alien related stuff not really knowing what he is talking about

Inertia plays no role on gravitic attraction. Two items with different mass, like a hammer and a feather fall exactly at the same acceleration in a gravity field (i think that one was from good ole Galileo), so all that talk about inertia und besides, what is that SR inertia, is plain fantasy.

So his theory claims that all planets / moons have been travellers captured by the sun. Now what about the original matter disk from which our sun and most planets originated ?

The only thing i can agree about with him is that current astronomical theories about the evolution of star systems have flaws. Our alien should, of course, know why but i'm sure he doesn't and this time i'm not giving him a hint *evil grin*

Guess i'm personally going to ignore further posts from Dr. Roy U. Mena, since they are a waste of time.


Robert L. Sharp
1/23/2004 10:02:42 AM

Doc, Scott:
I followed the directions to the T what he was saying, drawing it all out on
paper as he suggested. I am able to follow what he says so far, however,
I have no idea where it is leading me. He stopped sending out follow-up
directions to a point, as you are aware if you have read the postings.
I would like to know where it goes, if anywhere, and I still have no idea about
this business of 100 Billion or a Trillion years. Must know something that the
rest of the world isn't aware of. Might be where the theory of multi-verses
or mega-verses come in. I don't think it all started with a simple comet whizzing
around a sun though, and where did this sun come from?

  Replies 41 - 43 (out of 43 total)

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