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subject: Post from Dr. Roy U. Mena re: Evolution of Solar System

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Robert L. Sharp
1/22/2004 3:07:24 PM

After looking at my initial drawing of the Cenception Orbit with the
two x's at the bottom, and the circle at the top, and then showing each
orbit of each individual planet, getting smaller and smaller, I won't tell
you what this picture looks like, as there are obviously ladies in this forum.

Dr. Roy U. Mena
1/22/2004 3:09:10 PM

It should start to now if you are understanding and diagraming correctly. As the second comet and the first comet pass the 9:00 position of the sun and the second comet is at the 9:00 position of the first comet, wrap the two comets down to the 6:00 position of the Sun, as the second ( outside ) comet passes the 6:00 position of the first comet allow it to accelerate ahead to the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 12:00 positions of the first orbit. Then as the first comet continues around in its birth orbit, have the second comet makes its orbits around the first comet ( this is called a Lunar Orbit )

Now you have a Sun, A Planet, and A Moon.

Next, if that makes sense I will show you how you get more Planets and More Moons and how you decide which is which -

Does this help?

Robert L. Sharp
1/22/2004 3:52:18 PM

Got it Doc. Next planet or moon please.

Dr. Roy U. Mena
1/22/2004 4:13:27 PM

Now as the next comet starts at the lower right and begins its Inertial Inception the mass, and other variables come into play. ( they actually come into play with the first planet and moon but I needed to leave them out to allow you to understand how the basic concept works)

If the new comet called comet three has a greater mass than the planet it will become a planet and force comet one to decompress and move out away from the Sun, expanding its orbit. Comet three will perform its conceptual orbit and then wind down inside of Comet ones decompressed orbit unit it achieves its birth orbit.
If Comet three was was smaller than Comet One it would become a moon and Comet One would have two moons.

Now do you see the basic trend developing. If so I can explain the evolutionary phases of the planets.

Robert L. Sharp
1/22/2004 4:18:25 PM

I had to draw that out. After compressing everything, and trying to realize
in my mind just what is whizzing and whirling around the other, I am ready
for the next step. But, I still don't understand your thinking of no "big bang"
and trillions of years. Later??

Dr. Roy U. Mena
1/22/2004 4:28:48 PM

well look at learning about big bang and length of time this way, we need to understand the numbers before we can add subtract multiply and divide etc...

you just learned how a solar system starts, currently most people believe that all the planets started from a coagulating mass left over from the big bang right? and all the planets developed at the same time.

well you just learned baby steps to solar system ordered evolution. soon I will show you how a solar system operates and you will see astronomers, planetary scientists etc... dont have any idea how it started, and you a basic individual will know more than they do - bizarre huh!!

Are you ready to Grow a Planet?

Robert L. Sharp
1/22/2004 5:08:18 PM

Yes Dr:
I AM bizarre, love bizarre and look forward to more bizarre. I think Mr.
Tago and others are soon to step all over you for your theories though.
Just a thought.

1/22/2004 5:53:26 PM

I know I am starting to realize I am wasting my time. Even if I can explain it to one person it doesn't really matter. I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to teach one person. and for what - there isn't anything either of us can do with it.

Robert L. Sharp
1/22/2004 6:03:03 PM

I don't think I ever said I was wasting yours or my time. I was looking forward
to more of this theory. And besides, if you look at the number of "hits" on this
subject, you will see that there a lot of people at least looking. I don't know why
no other people have responded. Don't quit us now, please.

1/22/2004 8:16:54 PM

Brought back memories about the nose in the circle. One teacher would make you get on your knees with arms stretched out to the side as punishment. One poor kid had to do this one day and he keep telling the teacher he had to go to the bathroom and she wouldn't let him. You guessed it...he had an accident right in front of the class. I felt so bad for that kid...the humility he endured because of that teachers cruel mannerisms.

  Replies 31 - 40 (out of 43 total)

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