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Don Tago
12/19/2003 11:27:06 PM

You people are ridiculous!!!!

This page is one thing that is preventing any sort of advancement is science. As long as stupid people are believing that UFO's are flying around abduting people, and mutilating cows, and making crop circles, we will never go anywhere as a collective people. To understand space travel, you must first understand space, and the universe, which most people who believe in UFO's dont. You people dont realise how impossible it would be not only for aliens to GET HERE, but to simply be aware of our presence. The ONLY way aliens would ever know we were here is if they deteted our radio waves that we transmit into space, which is also the SAME way WE search for alien life, thru the SETI program. ANY intelligent civilization will at SOME point thru their evolution discover communication through the electromagnetic spectrum, just as we have. And the presumable amount of time from discovery of commuication thru radio waves and the advent of interstellar space travel for a civilization would be an INCREDIBLE amount of time. So it is only logical to think, that if there were any other civilizations, there would be radio waves going everywhere, but there arent. And since we have only been transmitting radio waves for about 70 years, they will have only traveled 70 light years away from our planet in all directions. And in that area, they lie merely 25 stars. So the chance that one of them detected our signals, had not only the technology but motivation and ambition to travel here is SOOOO ridiculous, its not even worth giving the time of day. Not to mention, if the planet was at most 70 light years away, and is JUST recieving our radio wave transmissions, it would take another 70 years, traveling at the speed of light mind you, to get here!!!! A civilization would have two possibilties for getting here, faster than light travel, or bending space and traveling thru a wormhole. To think that a civilization 1000's of years more advanced than we are, which can do one of these things, would come to our planet to do nothing but analy probe people, make crop circles, and mutilate cows, is so ridiculous, that i would call anyone SUBHUMAN who would be willing to believe this garbage....thankyou!

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Andrew Grigson
12/21/2003 4:49:50 PM

What a terrific "scientific" mind you have !!!

Just like those scientific minds in the 1500s (or thereabouts) who "snubbed" - even took more drastic action is many cases - the populations report of "rocks falling from the sky" as being nothing more than the ramblimgs of uneducated, unthinking (perhaps subhuman??????) ridiculous (in fact, most of the words YOU have so eloquently used in your letter above to describe those interested in the UFO phenomenon.)

They turned out to be- of course - meteorites and meteors - and were explainable!!!!

The tone of your letter offends (I have NO IDEA whether what we describe as UFOs are some sort of natural phenomena, visits from little green men, some sort of time travelling, or something else simply not yet capable of being properly understood - natural OR un-natural! - AND - AND THIS IS VITAL TO SUCH AS YOURSELF - FRANKLY I DO NOT CARE WHICH!!!!!!) I DO care that there appears to be a phenomena that our present day "peasants" are reporting (and others) and I would be ashamed to call myself a thinking human if I denied the PHENOMENA (no matter what it might be) until a peice of evidence of it fell on my head!!

For goodness sake man, whatever your anger hides regarding some of the possibilities being looked at , at least PRETEND to be open minded, use a modicum of common sense and have enough respect for the universe to know that what we know about it - indeed HOW we 'know" about it -is so limited as to be laughable. It is when idiots such as you pompously say:

"no where in this vast universe - whith its "weird" quatum - EG THE UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE!!! (look it up - one of the most successfully "predictable laws we have discerned has as its base something termed an uncertainty principle - AND YOU GO ON ABOUT LITTLE GREEN MEN BEING A POSSIBILITY????- Oh my!!) laws (as We understand them), its other woders - some discovered almost daily, requiring almost daily changing of what was - the day before - a LAW!!, with, and in, a universe with all this, I DECLARE CERTAIN PHENOMENA ARE NOT POSSIBLE AT ALL!!!!"

I think it is time you visited a museum and had a good hard look at - and may I suggest an open minded think, too??? - at a meteorite, and what the history of their "existance" might tell us about ourselves, including you!!

Merry Christmas - to YOU, any "possible" gren men, ball lightening and its special properties, if it exists and ALL the other weird and fascinating "stuff" just WAITING for us to find it, as it were..

concerned netizen
12/22/2003 5:43:58 AM

You are engaging in denial. You simply have to look at the photos of the crop circles and be able to put 2 and 2 together. If you can't do that, then I suppose no amount of information could be convincing.

But think about this, that if you just go around and around in circles, you're not alive, you're a machine. To be alive means to be constantly changing, evolving, and reevaluating what you understand in light of new experiences. If you are not doing this then you're not still moving in the stream of life, but rather, you're on the banks. Do you know what happens to stagnant water?

12/22/2003 1:34:39 PM

you are basing alien technology on our own. radio wave! there are definately other ways to seek out planets than that.

12/22/2003 4:45:04 PM

well i believe a lot of your logical evidence is correct, however some part of the explanation is left out which leaves the existence of alines impossible. is it not true that aliens on earth are more or less doing things for the same purpose as what we humans are doing today on other planets nearby us? we have gone on the moon and mars taking samples for life and matter on the planets. So the aliens are just as curious about us about the universe and the different forms of life. i think that if in this world there is life than out of the thousands possibly millions of other planets in this universe, possibly there are other forms of life. there is a very good chance that a certain wave species has existed on another planet far away, way before we have come into existence. And for your input on radio waves and not finding any in space, maybe the aliens have a different form of radio waves that are more advanced than ours so that our radar cannot pick them up. Or another possibility is that they are way too far away for ours to pick them up but the aliens are more advanced so theirs can. And about them having to travel for such long time to reach us, well if they are so much more advanced than us, that includes their mode of transportation. theirs can travel much faster than ours presently can which would mean they would arrive to earth in a much shorter amount of time. Oh and another thing never say that nothing isn't possible because anything can happen. For the longest time humans believed it was imposible for humans to fly. But what happened 100 years ago? the right brothers made the first flight of humans possible. and how about space travel? for centuries people gazed at the universe in aww of the planets and stars wondering if humans would ever be out in space. However we today are. We are advancing fartehr and farther and in the future people will live on mars! so infact nothing is impossible when people make attemps to make things possible. it is the ignorance of people that make people lose hope and determination to dream and have an open mind. So we should keep on trying and recognize through reports and evidence that there are outside life trying to contact us and to never give up by saying things are too rediculous for us or else we'll stop striving in our lives!

12/23/2003 4:08:51 PM

Don the reason Aliens are here is to prevent people like you from going there.

Peter J.
12/27/2003 6:00:09 AM

To argue with a fool shows there are two!
Wake up.

12/27/2003 2:31:35 PM

Mr. Don Tago:
It looks like you have already become a "jack of all trade" in space knowledge. Unfortunately for us that your knowledge is wothless in compare to the vastness of the universe. So far, whatever we have achieved in this field are in theoretical stage, moreover most of these theories are shortlived and contradictory to eachother. We talk about warm hole but we dont even know how to create it. The funnyest thing is that at this moment, we are fully incapable of carrying a manned mission in Mars! My point is, our knowledge is extremely limited to disregard any possibility of existance of allien civilization. So the best thing is to keep an open mind in this issue!

Robert L. Sharp
12/29/2003 6:01:22 PM

Good evening to you:

My father always taught me to never argue with an idiot, because if someone

was watching, they might not be able to tell the difference.

Thank you,

Robert L. Sharp

Gering, Nebraska

12/31/2003 2:57:58 AM

Well said, Robert!

12/31/2003 3:25:26 AM

If there's nothing to this ufo stuff why is the goverment going to such extremes to keep all their ufo related files secret?

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