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subject: You people are ridiculous!!!!

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3/26/2004 4:38:46 AM

There's a lot of evidence to support that UFOs may be extraterrestrial craft. If you would actually take the time to study the subject thoroughly you would find more than just photos, grainy videos and single eyewitnesses. The fact that scientists don't have any solid evidence is their own damn fault for ignoring the subject of UFOs and treating it as ridiculous. The evidence is there, and if you want to get it, Mr Tago then I suggest you go out and get it instead of waiting around for it to fall into your lap.

Michele Bugliaro Goggia
3/26/2004 6:06:31 AM

Don Tango,
you're beginning to sound really ridiculous. Instead of wasting tome on the web, where the good ufology is not, start reading good books by Hynek, Vallée, Pinotti, Lissoni, Michel,...

If you stop too soon, at considering pictures as only grainy, then your logic is not so strong after all. Pictures are not absolute evidence, as they can be faked, but maybe going further would help you. You should start considering the when and the how these pictures or videos have been produced or shot. The UFO phenomenon is not under control of a team of pro photographers, ready to obtain high quality photos.

Why are we still discussing UFOs? Simple: the authorities have lead a cover up game, science has never created the right conditions to study UFOs, while the craziest individuals spread stupidities. The best evidence about UFOs, the best studies about ufology are usually hidden to the public, simply because they are buried by tons of crap.

Gentleman, your critics aren't that wrong, but just superficial. :-)

Joe Sanders
3/26/2004 1:22:37 PM

Don, You have a point in that nothing of solid proof exists.
My own experience in 1975 was I saw something? UFO, light, craft.
I dont know what it was?
It was unusual and made me take notice of other peoples stories.
Most of which I think are rubbish, maybe one or two have a ring of truth
about them.
As for being ridiculous, I dont think so !
All beliefs have their fanatics.
Try to seperate the chaff from the wheat.
Joe Sanders

4/2/2004 8:20:19 PM

u r the only sane one on this site. read my "r aliens real" by et for a laugh

Robert L. Sharp
4/2/2004 8:38:59 PM

You are the only one laughing, you stupid dipwad.

  Replies 61 - 65 (out of 65 total)

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